Monday, August 7, 2017

Here we go with another week

Dad is the first counselor in a bishopric!

This week was a week of ups and downs.....

Tuesday we heard from Rolando1!!!!!!! He told us that he has stopped drinking!!!!!!!!! We are teaching Janette again!!!!!!!! 

We found a less active member who has a kid, and the kid is ready to be baptized. The only thing we need to do is teach him and BAM we can have a baptism!!!!!!!!

We will have changes next week and I am praying that I can stay here with Elder Villegas for a little more time!!!!!!!! Everyone thinks that I will be a District Leader or Zone Leader!!!!! I hope they are wrong!!  But Elder Villegas and I are looking at a white August and September!! 

One day after working really hard with Elder Villegas we arrived in the house and he jumped in his bed with all of his misison clothes still on......... I thougt it was a joke but he was dead asleep!!!!!!

LEGO movie  "Everything is awesome!"

This says "Happy Birthday"

Cody with a friend in Mexico

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Things are White in San Luis Potosi

This week killed me........ In a good way

Elder Villegas and I focused on Margarita for the week.  It was so hard!!!!!! We had to have a new excuse every time to visit her.  One time was planning the  baptism another time for the interview, etc, etc, just so we could keep in touch with her.  Luckily everything went well and she got WET!!!!!!! 

We had a Family Home Evening on Tuesday!!!! It was so cool!!!!! We played games and got to know some new people so that was really great!!! I missed most of it because of the interview for Margarita!!!!!!! 

We had interviews with President Hernandez!!!!! He pulled me aside and wanted me to call mom and I said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya I am good. Sorry mom!

Today for P day we played soccer and ninja!!!!!! I am the best at both!!!!!!!!!

The time has come!!!!!! Saturday!!!We started the baptism at 8 at night!!!! There was only one family!!!! But 5 minutes after, the whole ward showed up!!!!!! It was so cool to see everyone walk in!!!!! There were people standing up at the back it was soooooo cool...... But I was soooooooo nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to baptize her twice!!!!!!! I felt so weird, but she was baptized!!!!!! 

Cody, Elder Villegas, and Magarita!! White is becoming our favorite color!! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Great times in San Luis Pitosi

This week was fetching fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Villegas and I were so busy!!!!!!!!

We worked a ton and fetch it was so fun and funny!!!!!!!!

We finished helping Margarita for her baptism. She is so old she cannot bend her knees right, so we have a chair for her when I baptize her.   

We will have Family Home Evening on Tuesday and a member told us that she would bring 5 non-members so we are stoked!!!!!!!!!!

We received a ton of rain one day and we walked through freaking rivers it was so fun!!!!!  See the blurry picture, then squint your eyes just right and you can see the river in the street. 

Elder Rosas and I (Rosas is the comp of the district leader) were in exchanges and we had to clean the baptismal font.  We did not have keys to the janitor’s closet.... so we had to use buckets..... It took three hours!!!!!! It was so fun.  It was like I was working at home at the rentals!!!!!

We played soccer with the young people in the ward!!!! I am getting pretty good!!!!!! I made the winning goal!!  Mark, prepare yourself this Mexican air is special.  It makes US missionaries good soccer players!!!!!!!!

I will be the new Messi in Spanish Fork.
It was Yoda a couple of weeks ago, now it is R2-D2

Cleaning the Font

We were lost, and even the map above us did not help! 

All four of us, Elder Villegas, my companion, is laying down

similar to the one last week, but I threw this in to show how skinny he is now

I don't think it is beer pong, but it might be Coca-Cola pong

Monday, July 10, 2017

These are the letters that are fun to get. Cody is having the time of his life!!

I lost track of time 

The best thing happened this week!!!!! Margarita said she is ready for baptism!!!!!!! We just have to finish teaching everything and WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part is that Elder Villegas asked  Margarita if she had someone to baptize her.  She looked at me and said,  “Well, you Elder Smiley!!!!!!! It was just like in the movie The Best Two years.  I was like- me???? She asked, “Is that not allowed?” I said, “Yes it is.”

Elder Villegas and I are friends like Bracken and I are friends.  The bestest of friends!!!!!!! He wants to go to Utah to visit me in Spanish Fork and wants me to go to Mexico to visit him!!!!!!  We joke all the time!!!!!!!!!!
In fact, one time a Hermana told us she has not seen Star Wars......... Elder Villegas said, “Well that is ok because Jesus Christ did something fantastic for us (The Atonement) and you can repent.
I died laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...AND AFTER.  They clean up well!
-Elder Smiley