Monday, September 18, 2017

Cody is ready for another Smiley to be in Mexico........and he is teaching a family!!

Well the Smiley family will be in México starting tomorrow!

Well not a lot happened this week.

We played soccer again, and dang, I think I will be the new Messi real soon.  Humble I know. 

We are teaching a family of 4 and they are so ready for baptism!!!! The only thing that they need is to go to church...... and hear the rest of the lessons......and actually be baptized.
Wow that sounds bad BUT we taught them the plan of salvation and the whole family started to cry!!!!!!! I hope it was because they were feeling the spirit but it was so cool!!!!!!! The dad said he felt something in his heart talking to him and the mom asked us when we could baptize her!!!!!!!!!!

I was also pretty sick this week with the huge change of the weather that we have had....... It was hard to work and I also passed it to a lot of people, but they do not hate me so that is good!!!!!!!

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FM Alvarez Ponce

Monday, September 4, 2017

Cody gets to see more of Mexico. Not transfers, but he gets sent to a a new town.

This week was something else lets just say that........

I have met the famous Hermana Magaña ( Elder Magañas sister who is serving here too) It was pretty cool actually!!!!!!!!!!

I am officially a Mexican soccer player!!!!! We played soccer today and dang I am good!!!!!!!! I headed the ball in the goal which was pretty cool!!!!! Elder Magaña said I have gotten way better than I was before JAJAJAJAJ

This Sunday we also had a lot of people attend again well 13 I think....... This branch is really getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weird thing........ Some guys videoed Elder Hernandez and I.  Elder Hernandez said it was just a joke so I believed him.  Later we saw the same guys taking pictures.  So we decided to call Pres Hernandez and he told us to go to Aguas.  Now Elder Hernandez and I are with Elder Magaña in Jesus Maria.  This is the ward with Matt’s Mother in Law in it.  We went to church it was so weird to be there, because there wee so many people in church.   

The boy that I baptized in my first area, Luis, just turned 12 and is passing the sacramnet.  I got to talk to his Mom the other day.  that was so cool to hear about.    Kevin and Titu are ready for baptism, just working out details at this point.

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Monday, August 28, 2017


Monday, August 28, 2017

This week was sooooo funny!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hernandez did a street contact and the woman could only say ehhh like sí.  Later we started to joke around and invite her to be baptized and I asked her if the LDM is true and she said yes to both of the questions jajajajaja.

I totally forgot to tell you guys what happened in Jacarandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One Hermana heard I had changes to Aguascalientes and mentioned it to Elder Villegas and he said this of me, “You will never find an Elder that works hard and enjoys his time as a missionary like Elder Smiley”.   I love that guy.

Since no one came to church last week except the branch president, my companion and I.  What a disaster. So, this week in the branch Elder Hernandez and I focused a lot on members.  We visited all 15 members! 14 of them went to church!!!!! Plus two investigators!!!!!!!!! It was a good week!!!!!!!

Prayer list:

Elder Smiley


Elder Smiley

"Found a bottle, but no ocean, figured we'd do what they do in the movies . . ."Message in a Bottle"

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Now a week later here is the comings and goings in Cavillo

Well opening an area is a little wierder that I thought.  Things did not start out good here in Calvillo.

Monday: After I was done writing we left to go work.  We only contacted people that day.  We did not want to try and set appointments because we knew we would get lost.

Tuesday: We opened the area folder and were excited to see what was there.......there was nothing.  We took a deep breath and went to work. 

Wednesday through Saturday we just worked and sweated out butts off.

Sunday:  We won the confidence of a hermana that previously would not let her kids get baptized.  Thanks to some service we did, we won her confidence and now we are teaching a little more than before jaja

Other notes I forgot to tell you guys!!!!!!!!

I got to see Elder Magaña!!!!!!!!!

We found a stray dog we named him Serdote.  He followed us to all of our citas and then left in the morning.

Calvillo is like Utah because there is a ton of green!!!!!!!!

Has a country feel to it!!

Two Weeks Ago Letter TRANSFERS, YUCK He wanted to stay!!Elder

This week was a sad week!!!!!!!!

 We had changes! It was so sad because Elder Villegas and I cried a ton!!! It was probably the hardest thing I have done in the mission!!!!!

I am in Aguas again .....well, kinda it is a village with the name Calvillo.  There are mountains everywhere!!!!!!! I am opening a new area.   My comp is Elder Hernandez.   This place is very pretty though!!!!!!!! 

Elder Hernandez is from Mexico and we are good friends!!!!!!

I got to see all of my friends again, it was so cool!!!!!!!!!

Elder Villegas, my favorite!!

Cavillo, soon to be my favorite!!  I hope.

Nice Shower in this new place.  Kind of funny taking a picture of a shower!!