Monday, October 16, 2017

Comforting when Elder Smiley Senior is with a companion he likes, and a ward he likes.

This week was very different...

With Elder Barragan gone, now the district has changed so much.

A friend of mine from Aguas is the new district leader, and he has helped me a lot! 
Just someone there for me helping me teach!!!!!!

We have taught la familia Alvarez Ponce a lot, and they look ready for Saturday!!! They just need the answer to their prayers!!!!!!!!  

Funny story! It was a birthday for one of our investigators.  He likes the Dallas Cowboys so I bought him a football. We went and threw it around.  Everyone was so surprised that I could throw a football so far.  I got a crowd to watch me, it was so funny!
I felt like Dad in Japan when he would throw the frisbee in the parks and contact everyone there jajajaja!!!!!

We are continuing to play soccer in P days with my favorite members ever, and they just love me here! It is the best to be in Sauzalito!

Here is a note from Cody’s companion:

hello sister'm elder Cornejo companion elder Smiley, I congratulate you very much for exemplary son who has helped me a lot, it is the best partner I've had so far, indeed the time I have been serving with his son has been wonderful we have had the blessing of baptizing, indeed his son teaches with great spiritual power, is an exemplary missionary and I want to thank you for allowing your child is in the mission, their dedication to the Lord's work is worth admiring . greetings to all your family has told me all about you and that you are an extraordinary family.
I remain at your disposal for anything
atte: elder Cornejo

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mark is ready to get out of the CCM, he is halfway there!!

Starting this off with a funny story.

There are two words in Spanish that mean two different things.  la papa (potato) and el papa (the pope), I bet you can see where this is going already.  We are teaching this woman about the authority of the priesthood, and since she’s catholic, she asks us if we believe if "el papa" has the priesthood, to which I reply, that no, we do not believe that "la papa" has the priesthood.   She started laughing and i wondered why, but she didn’t tell us until after the lesson was over what I had actually said.  Fun times in the CCM let me tell ya.

Wowza been out almost a month now and i am ready to get outta here.  For the most part I just wanna see what Peubla looks like.  We have driven through Mexico City a couple of times and it looks so grimy and trashy but at the same time so cool and unique.  I feel like Puebla is going to look like that too so I’m psyched.

We said goodbye to the Latino elders, which was difficult but rewarding.  After all the pictures with everyone in the apartment, they turned to us and were like "come to our room in like 5 minutes" so we show up and they have all their hymnals out and they go ok, we are going to sing a song.  And we sang "god be with you till we meet again."  No one cried until freaking Elder Mendez lost it and then the waterfalls began. Oh well ill see them soon haha

I gave my first priesthood blessing too.  Two of the companions in our room are way sick so they asked me and my comp to bless them, which was really nerve wracking for me since it was my first time.  But I knew I was worthy and I knew I was doing everything right so the blessing was good.

So I am part of this thing called the “mixed program” which is like I get Latino companions for like 2 hours and everyone in my district loves their companions... except for me.  I’m part of a trio because our district is so small and theirs is so large, and one of them was so tired and frustrated that I didn’t understand his slurred Spanish that he just read his book and didn’t help us all that much.  The other comp is socially awkward and gets really apologetic if I say that I don’t understand.  Our lesson went well though; it was just the companionship study that was so difficult.

Sorry for another long email. I'll try hard to be less specific next week.

Love you!

-Elder Smiley, the younger

At the Temple

Hitchin' a ride to the Temple

Mom sent some Chicago Style Popcorn!!  Now that is love!

My District boiled down to just a name badge or two

One of the Latino elders.  I am going to miss them a bunch.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Elder Cody Smiley is getting wet!!

Monday October 9, 2017

Ok this week was a long one.

My companion Elder Cornejo was sooooo sick this week.  I just cared for him forever while Elder Barragan took a member and visited Alma Edith and Ariel which are 2 of our fechas (people ready for baptism) and we were able to baptize them this weekend!!!!!!

The baptism was awesome!  Elder Cornejo baptized the Alma Edith and he baptized and when she came up from the water her momentum was so far forward that she fell.  She was ok and we all had a laugh.  Later, the Ariel shared his testimony about baptism.  He used a ton of details about the gospel and the spirit was so strong.  I was impressed.  I thought for 9 years old he knows a lot. Then out of the blue this lady from the ward just starts laughing!!!!!!!! Later we asked her why she was laughing and she said, “I just feel the spirit so strong”.  Well, that made things interesting.

Familia Alvarez Ponce invited us to eat tacos at their place.  I love that family soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are also ready to be baptized.  Their date is set for October 21.

Elder Cornejo and Elder Barragan got a call from the zone leaders.  Elder Barragan is leaving.  So, bang the duo is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Elder Cornejo and I will be companions.  We are way good friends.   We always have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Prayer list:
Familia Alvarez Ponce

Elder Smiley, the elder

PS:  My companion took my stitches out this week.  Then, I dislocated my finger playing soccer and now it’s black and blue.  The adventure never ends in San Luis Potosi.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Elder Mark Smiley is enjoying the CCM!!!

Friday October 6, 2017


Ok, so what a time to be alive.

I heard a homie in the MTC during my first week say "long days, short weeks” and its so flippin true.
The days blend together and it’s the same old stuff every day.

Conference was phenomenal.  I loved it and got to catch up on some sleep during some of the talks in the morning sessions but for the most part I was awake and felt the spirit SO HARDCORE.  Dallin H. Oaks spat some FIRE during his talk and I cant wait to hear about the media backlash, but I know what he was teaching was true.

My favorite talk was definitely Henry B. Eyering's about the family that lost their house to the flood and didn’t notice for a while because they were serving so much.

Teaching is way, way, way fun.  Like when Elder Lowe and I teach with the spirit, I get so excited and can’t stop smiling. The investigator just looks at me and gets super weirded out.

The title of this email (brustedes) is a joke about Spanish conjugations.  Some days are so difficult and tiring that at the end of the day we are so slap happy and tired anything we say is funny.  We were joking about how you can conjugate English words with Spanish conjugations. Like "Elder-emos" or "bruh-stedes" and its been a district joke ever since haha.

Also everyone in my district says I look like ben stiller.
Love yall

-Elder smiley

PS: My preparation day is on Friday this week and it will be on Wednesday next week.  This past Wednesday we went to an immigration office for finger printing.

Two Mexico missionaries from Crosswinds 2nd Ward

Earthquake stranded missionaries in Leon

Individual study time

Mark captioned this one "Standard Companion Picture"

Mark captioned this one "Some of my new favorite people"

Monday, October 2, 2017

Great days in San Luis Potosi. Cody is getting going now!!

Well geez I do not think I can write an email like Mark so bear with me here guys......

Before anyone else asks me: “No I did not feel the earthquake, ok?” I know Mom and Andi were crazy nervous when it took a long time to hear about how everyone from my mission was after the last earthquake.   Don’t worry.  I have God on my side.

Our 6 fechas (6 people ready for baptism) went to conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Four of them are in a family.  President Hernandez called us he was so excited for us (I don’t think he believed us at first).  My companions and I got to watch all of the sessions of conference in Spanish.  I was so glad I could understand all of it too.

On Tuesday we taught la familia Alvarez Ponce.  THEY ACCEPTED FECHA!!!!!!!!! October 21!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait for Saturday.  I will let you know how it all goes!

Wednesday Hooooooooooooooooooo.  Well, it was something else.  Elder Cornejo turned out to be sick after lunch.  We went home and geez!!!!!! Later, we were commanded to go to the doctor to take care of him.  Afterward, as we left the doctor’s office I was talking to my companions while I was walking and wasn’t watching where I was going.  Suddenly, I had to jump down a part of the sidewalk and when I raised my head to find my balance I banged my head into a cement block and cut my head wide open. Due to the fact that I am a Smiley I said to my companions,  “I am fine (as I start walking like a drunk person) but no I actually wasn’t.  I went to the hospital and needed to get three stiches.  The doctor who gave me the stiches asked me, “Does that hurt?”  I responded “Well ya!!!!! She responded and said, “Not with your attitude that can’t be hurting”.  I asked, “Do you want to change spots?” She said no and finished stitching me up.  All in a day’s work!

Prayer List:
La Familia Alvarez Ponce
6 Fechas

Elder Smiley in Aguascalientes

That's gonna leave a mark!!