Monday, October 31, 2016

Great week, after a crappy week last week! Oh, the ups and downs of a mission!!

This week was absolutely fetching crazy!!!  We had 6 investigators go to church with us I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Pazmiño and I dodged a shootout, but we still saw a guy die.   That was pretty interesting!!!!

Elder Pazmiño and I had the absolute funniest Star Wars moment! So there was this guy all in black and we were walking and he walked in front of us and we stopped looked at him one more time and turned around and walked away I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!

Julio (investigator) is so poor he can’t afford Sunday clothes so my companion and I were walking and ran into a member and told him about Julio.   All these members around us said I have pants he can have! Another said oh I have an old shirt! and soon we were able to get everything for him it was so cool!!!!!!

He has a hard time making friends, and so we said lets play soccer on Monday and we invited Joaquin (my fav person ever!) and he basically had sandals was all, and so I gave him my shoes.   Elder Pazmiño didnt have any shoes either so I said lets go to the mall and get me some new shoes.  I secretly had the worker at the mall help me buy Elder Pazmiño some shoes and we walked out of the mall and I handed him shoes.   He started to cry and hasn’t stopped smiling since. 
My gosh it is the greatest!!!!!!!!

One of our investigators who drinks and drinks and drinks, quit after one lesson with us and told us he thought he would’ve rejected us if his son didn’t tell him about us!!!!!
I cant want to learn Spanish so I can actually become better friends with these people!!!!

But for now I LOVE MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Shoes all the way around!!!  Good job Cody!

Not sure who the extra Elder is...
...but they are having fun!

Cody and his MTC companion

Monday, October 10, 2016

Not a lot of words, but pictures GALORE!!!

Thank you everyone who has been praying for me and my Spanish.   I am starting to understand and speak a lot better now!!!!!

This week the only bad thing is that Duilio stopped investigating the church, but his Mom is getting baptized on Saturday!  I taught 3 lessons in Spanish ya’ll would be proud of me!!!

We had our zone conference and I got 2 packages 0 letters:( Elder Garcia says put letters in my packages!! 

Elder Pazmiño wanted to open my packages in the middle of the day but I said, “Elder it is time to work so lets go!!!!!!” So we took our hour dinner and opened them!!!!!!!! Elder Pazmiño ate all my candy and listens to the CDs every chance he gets, its pretty funny!!!!! 

Ok, no more mailed letters!  Elder Garcia says packages come faster than letters, which must be true because I got 2 packages and 0 letters. Dad, you talking about Wyoming, oh my gosh I miss that place!  I miss hunting!

OK, here are some names to include in your prayers:

Sandra, so she can go through with her baptism 
Elder Smiley, gift of tounges and paciencia 
Jiserla and Lepolina, so they can get baptized 
Juan de Jesus he can fight his addictions and be baptized!!!

Cody got Mom's care package

Elder Pazmino rocking our to Lower Lights!!!

Elder Pazmino was cold, Cody gave him his Under Armour shirt, he put it on over his shirt & tie, and inside out.  His comment to Cody was "Elder, this does not work for me!"  Cody cracked up!!

Listen to Cody's laugh.  Man I miss that laugh.  We have replayed and replayed this just to hear him laugh.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Better week, keep those prayers coming!!

First thing is first.  As I am here writing to everyone, I get a letter from Elder Jason Money!!!!! (This is a boy that is a year older than Cody and on his mission in Ecuador)  He says: If you see an Elder Pazmiño tell him I was at his Mom’s baptism!!!!!!!!”  So that was cool!!!!!  I wrote and told him that he is my companion.   How cool is that.   

I have felt everyone’s prayers.  Oh my, I feel all of the love from everyone. Oh my gosh!  It is so cool that everyone is thinking of me!!!!

Well this week nothing too fun or crazy happened.  We have a baptism this week hopefully it goes through. It was supposed to be for a family but everyone except the mom just slowly stopped listening to us. Two of the older kids love me like I am their brother, although I can’t understand them. It is cool, they are like family to me!!!

Don’t worry I won’t come home until July 26, 2017! Yes, my mission is hard.  Everyone’s mission is hard when you are learning a new language!! Do I want to come home? Yes! Does the lord need me here to find the people I promised I would find? Of freakin course!!!!! 
I have note cards of stuff I learn.  There are probably 200 words, so I can’t tell you all of them.  Most of them help me have a decent conversation.

First, everyone from my MTC district got a native companion in the field.  Second, there is a member here who had a companion named Nick Hall from Spanish Fork.  Do you know who he is? (Yes, Andi worked with him at Cold Stone).  My Spanish is making the slowest progress of the century. As for the packages you have sent, I have no idea how many got through to the mission home.  We will see next week!  Mornings are “butt cold” here but during the day it is pretty warm. My stomach hurts with like sore pain it is pretty awful sometimes but I have to eat everything I am served! Funny story: If you reject an offering here it is like spitting in someone’s face.  This member offered to buy me ice cream but I was puking all day (it was awful) so I said no.  Later Elder Pazmiño hit me on the head and explained to me “No rejecting people here because it is sooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!”

This week we did something super fun for P day pictures will come!!!!!!

Cathedral in Aguas

Bringing home the groceries for the week

Mimick of Smiles and his missionary pictures!

Thank you all for the prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer list:

Elder Smiley: Gift of tongues!!
Sandra: to get baptized!
Duilio: to listen to us once again!
Isaac: Hear us for the first time!

Telle: to get baptized soon!!!!!​