Monday, March 30, 2015

This Week's Letter It's a "2 for 1" Sale

What a crazy week. 2 exchanges and so I pretty much didn´t see any of our friends,  which kind of put a big damper on my week. I have come to love these people a lot, and just the fact that I can´t see them kind of puts a damper on my week. It was kind of rough that everything went against us with church.
The best thing was that Joaquin, our boy, came to the baptism and loved it!
He was talking with me about it, and asking me questions about if I would wear white clothes if I was baptizing him. That just made my day!
We are going to have a great week this week of finding and teaching!
We are super excited.
This week I also got to work with Elder Ganowsky. He is a whole new missionary, considering that he can speak Spanish. hahaha It´s a whole different world from your six weeks to six months.
Not much happened this week. Just lots of the normal “nose to the grindstone” hard work. That is what will continue to occur this week also.
I love you all and wish you lots of miracles and blessings.
If you would please pray to help our friends: Joaquin and Andrea, Salvatore, Monica, and Yenny.
They are all great people and I know with our help they can make the first step.
Love you all!

Élder Smiley

Elder Smiley is tall and skinny!!!

Last Week's Letter

What an incredible week! The whole mission is waking from a slumber. 
Emmanuel. The Pakistan man in Valencia just got baptized. Elder Smith
will get me those pictures ASAP. I´m super pumped. What a blessing!!!
We had an incredible week!!
A couple incredible things that happened this week:
Joaquin and Andrea came to church with the kids. They loved it. They 
felt the spirit and are finally understanding our teaching/restoration.
They are really getting excited. They are super nervous about getting
baptized because they are nervous they are going to go less active.
They are super good though.
Salvatore. We find out that he is not married and living with his girlfriend.
He already has made plans to marry her. He wants to be baptized so bad!
He came to church in a suit this week. Looking fresh as ever, and a plus he
plays the organ. What´s good? 
Yenny. We had a fired visit where a friend was supposed to come with us
to Maribel´s house. Our friend couldn´t come so we went to tell Maribell
and she said ¨Oh then I´ll invite Yenny to come.¨ She came and is going
through a really hard time and she said that the peace she feels with us 
is the peace she is looking for right now. Incredible blessing.
Unlike last week we taught a ton but we also found 7 new friends, and 4
of them being a family. They already love us. (I mean what is more charming
than 2 guapo young Elders looking fresh?)
Miracles. Miracles. Miracles.

This week when when we were passing by a less active’s house something crazy
happened. When we touched the bell he wasn´t home. I felt the need to touch
the neighbors door. When all of a sudden we hear a gun shot. We both were
just stunned, looked at each other than all of a sudden we hear him running
towards the door screaming and swearing. I don´t think I have ran that fast
since the time that Jake, Cody, Mark and I ran from the Dominos car after
we through a snow ball at it. That was interesting.

All in all an eventful week. This week is looking just as if not better.
What´s good?!?
I love all of you and ask if you could please pray for our friends.
They are doing well and with your help we will help them make
covenants with our father in heaven.
I thank all of you for your prayers in mine and Elder Kimball and
I´s behalf.
Love you all!
Élder Smiley

Let´s go baptize the world!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Nice to be teaching all week long... I remember doing lots of tracting!!!

What a crazy week. I need to repent to all y´all because I thought that it was going to be evident this week during email if I should stay or go so I did not worry about praying about it too much and just focused on the work. I will dedicate a little more, a lot more, time into that this week.
It was an interesting week because it was like I was back in Menorca towards the end of Elder Ponce´s time when we had 10 people we were teaching, and all were progressing and on the point of be baptized. This past week all we did was go from 1 teaching visit to the next. Which was a blessing, but we did not end up finding as much as we probably should have. It is a real blessing to be teaching so much especially with the members and with all the progression that is happening in them.
I will explain a couple of our friends we are teaching.
1. Salvatore. He was a 7th day church guy until we contacted his step son. He didn´t want to do anything at first. With time he has started to read and pray and he came to church on Sunday and loved it. He is also Italian and that´s cool too.
2. John Henry. An English kid with a rough background. Too rough. One day I´ll explain it but it might make y´all cry. He just wants to change his life. He lost his Book of Mormon and he kept bugging us and bugging us to get him a new one. That is a testimony of the Book of Mormon!
3. Joaquin and Andrea. They are both trying to accept that this is the only true church. It is nice that they are reading but we are helping them pray with real intent right now. They will not be easy to convince but they will be rocks of members.
4. Monica. She is super catholic and doesn´t quite understand the true church. She will be a rock as well when she receives her answer.
In fact we are teaching so much that one day we only had time to buy a bar of bread and eat it in between visits. (sorry mom)
I love Elder Kimball. I love the mission. I love all y´all and I will do what the Lord tells me. If you could also pray and ask to figure this all out. I´m actually pretty nervous. Shoot.
If you could please pray for our friends so that they can receive their answers and be baptized here soon. I love all of you a lot.
I pray that angels accompany you throughout your week. 
Do what you do!

Élder Smiley

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pictures galore!! Some of elder Kimball, bunch from Victoria as he transferred out

My new area is incredible! My companion is incredible! Area first:
There are tons of members. They are super good and they just want to help us. This ward is super good. Our bishop is from Oregon. Our area consists of a bunch of little towns that are just south of Sabadell (for example Barbara, Montcada, Badía). It is surprising how many members are in these little towns. Usually the members are just in the big city and not in the towns. You can tell that the church is well established here.
My companion. Elder Kimball. He is a boss. He was an SBO at Mountain Crest. We get along as well as I did with the boys in the tie crew. I feel like I am working with my best friend. This is a real blessing to be with him. The trick now is staying focused the whole time because we just love all the same stuff (yes, baptism included).
Huge miracles this week. Our miracle this week came from a good American soul. Joaquim was driving a taxi one day when he talked with an American named Bryan who told him where he could find peace and God. Joaquim called the office and that was when we went and shared the message of the restoration. He loved what we shared and accepted the invitation to be baptized. He came to church and when they asked him to present himself he just said how glad he was to have been brought to the church by us and how thankful he was to us. Such a blessing to be part of the conversion process.
Also the other Elders found an old Spanish lady who is catholic named Monica. She accepted a Book of Mormon and is reading. She missed church but accepted a fecha later that afternoon.
Tons of miracles and blessings.
We are just going as hard as we can until that bell rings.
Thank you for your prayers and support in my behalf and in behalf of our friends.
Love y´all!

Élder Smiley

Dave & Elder Kimball, not smiling on purpose I guess!!

Cody Rodeo has nothing on Spain

Valencia district missionaries

Dave being Smiles!!!

Family in Valencia Dave was real close to

The Less active girl they found by tuning around and just dining the door bell on the other side of the hall