Monday, May 29, 2017

San Luis Potosi is a great place to be!

Kalli went to the CCM!! I want her email!!

San Luis Potosì is literally the coolest place ever! 
My area is cool we have a fecha on June 24 and it is a kid!!! I just have a thing for baptizing kids!!!!!!!!!
Elder Moreno and I have seen all the same kind of stuff on our missions.  We always joke around!!!!!!
Literally a catòlico rejected us and he said “Those racist catòlicos” and I just died!  Another!!!!! We ate with an American family here, and we were cooking tortillas.  Basic Mexican food, and right in the middle of doing them Elder Moreno said
 “I do not know what I am doing!”  The family and I just died laughing!!
oh my gosh it was great!
As a Zone we always play sports on P days, and it is the coolest thing ever!
 I love it here soooooo much, it is the coolest!!! 

Our area us huge it is very hard to learn, but at the same time it is very cool

Prayer list! Wow, thats new!  Been a while.

Jeneate: continue to listen to us!!!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

It is time for Transfers!

Well changes were this week and guess what???? I am in San Luis Potosi!!! I am with Elder Moreno!!!!! I am the junior companion. That was a shock to all of the mission, that I am a companion menor.  Everyone thought that I was going with Elder Can as a leader of the zone but no! Everyone, and I mean everyone, was just so surprised!  Elder Moreno must have something to teach me.   

With Elder Guerrero we had a very funny week!! Elder G bought a little water bottle and so he said he needed water.  I told him that if he can contact someone asking for water I would give him 5 pesos. The next house he touched, and asked and got a new investigator..... I died laughing at that!!!!!!

Elder Moreno is so cool!!!! He said we have 1 investigator with a fecha and 4 progressing big time so we will see how well this goes!!!!!!!! Our house is hilarious, see photos, but I will love it here.

Thank you for doing better with your emails about sports and everything!!!!!!

I did have to say bye to Hermana Lopez...... That was one of the hardest thing I have done in a long time!!!!!!

I also said bye to Hermana Cruz.... She is by far the coolest girl I have ever met, and she has changed a lot of stuff that I thought about women!!!!

Love Hermanas!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Things are running like normal in Aguascalientes

Well this week was a really funny week!!!!!

Elder Guerrero and I are finally friendly enough we just joke about different people we see now jajajaja!!!!!
I had to use the bathroom way bad one day...... We were very far from the house and Elder Guerrero said “There is paper in that garbage can, go over there.” I responded and said no way dude. Later we walked over there and there was paper. After he said “Ya it is called revelation Elder”

Elder Guerrero said to me “Elder I am sick of talking to people this does not work.” 
In response I asked ok what do you want to do Elder?  We need investigators and if you can think of a better way to do this I am open to ideas!!!!!! He said I want to touch doors!!!! I said that does not work but if we try that will you be quiet??? He responded and said yes!!!!! I said guide me so we can waste the day!!!! The first three doors we touched were new lessons and new investigators!!!!!! Elder Guerrero has learned how to be humble so he did not say anything.  I said Elder why did you not tell me this before (as a joke) he just laughed and said shut up!!! 

Sorry do not have time I hope you like the pics!!! See you Sunday, well the fam,


Lupita y su familia

Monday, May 1, 2017

Great letter! Great news from Andi! Fun to listen to the happenings on Cody's mission

All of my missionaries here are calling me Tio Smiley or Tio Cody!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am going to yell at everyone here for a minute.  Yes I am on a mission, but I am not dead. So tell me stuff!!!!!! I love hearing about your lives, but good heck people, like sports! I got NOTHING!!!!!!! People with mission calls! NOTHING!!!!!! SO COME ON!!!!!!! Can you guys do that for me??????

This week I do not know if my Hermanas like me...... I did the funniest prank on them!!!!!!!  We will have to see what the payback looks like. 
If I had my camera I would send you pics, but Hermana Lopez robbed me, so she has my camera, but I have a ton of photos for you guys!!!!!!

One of our investigators had a problem with his plumbing.  So Elder Guerrero and I asked if he needed help and he said yes.  I never felt more like I home!!!! Dirty with mud everywhere on my body, it was so great!!!!
Elder Guerrero is a neat freak and I mean it!!!! So he was like aaa ew no and I said “Do it Elder!!!!!!”  So he finally got going and worked!!!!!! It was pretty cool!!!!!

For day of preparation today we went bowling and just had a blast!!!!!!!
I won if you guys were wondering!!!!!!!!
Later we went and took a thousand pictures it was so dope!!!!!!!!!  
That is all I have for today!!!!! Thank you for the letters and the pictures everyone!!!!
Next week I am going to visit my old area so be prepared for a million photos!!!!!!!!!

Pics will come next week!!!!!!!!!!!

Fam only: Tell me about skype because we only have one more week to talk about this!!!!!!
I am so skinny it is a little scary dad!!!!!!!!!

I told the family Quiñones what was up with Danger’s birth because he told me you look a little weird there Elder.  I told him what was happening and he said well lets call them.
I thought it was a joke because he said well they did not answer, then he started speaking English.  He had got thru to someone
Later I heard Dave and him speaking Spanish and just freaked out!!!!!!!
The family Quiñones kept on saying “Talk to him, talk to him.” But I said I am not suppose to.
Very fun!!!!!!!
Can not wait until mothers day!!!!!!

I found turkeys here in cages it was very funny and cool!!!!!!!! I just freaked and I told Elder Guerrero everything about turkey hunting!!!!!!!