Monday, September 26, 2016

Rain, Rain, go away, come back and play another day!!!

I think you guys will love and hate this letter but some crazy experiences!!!!!!

The first thing I want to tell you is that Elder Pazmiño and I are always out of the house at 12 noon every day. From 12 to 3 we have not had a lot of success.  So Elder Pazmiño says, “Ok Elder Smiley let’s say a prayer. So he said a prayer and asked “Please bless us so we can find more people who want to listen to the gospel.”  Not an hour later some guy comes up to us and says, “you guys are missionaries right?” and we said yes he said,  “Oh good. I’ve been wanting to learn about the church forever.  My brother just got baptized in the states and he said I have to learn about it.”  My companion and I looked and each other and just smiled! So this guy gave us his info and bought us lunch!!!!!!!

We also have 7 baptisms planned for October so lets hope they all go through!!!! Elder Pazmiño already had most of them,  but I helped teach 2!

My Spanish is not really getting better I am starting to get so mad and sad about it. Elder Pazmiño says poco y poco Elder Smiley, tranquilo!!!!!

But this week has been hard with homesickness and frustration! 

Add me on the prayer list for the gift of tongues my Spanish is awful

It has just been hard but I’m a smiley and can do hard things

 8:00 personal study
 9:00 companion study
10:00 a book first twelve weeks of your mission
11:00 language

First off, chill with the packages I think you have sent me like three its ok!!!!! I asked my companion when we can go to the mission office and he said when we have zone conference and I told him why and he freaked out and just wants candy.  So whatever you put in there I will love no matter what! 
Got caught in the rain, torrents in the streets up to cody's waist!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elder Smiley's and Elder Pazmino's apartment

The little red house is Cody's apartment.  He sent us an address, and we are stalking him!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Elder Smiley, you are the best!!"

Well this was one heck of a week!!!!!!!
I contacted for the first time.  Crushed it!   The contact took the card, and did not laugh at me or look confused but he did not want us to teach him either!
My second contact story is hilarious.   So Elder Pazmiño was talking to someone so I went and talked to someone else, and he said he believed in God and wanted to go to church.   Then he looked at me and said “Hey do you want some of this?” and popped out some marijuana.  I started laughing and said “No, I’m good, but thanks!” 
The members feed us lunch everyday. My first time eating at a members house Elder Pazmiño said this member gets really mad really fast so be careful. She gave us some soup, and I had three bowls and I was full!  Then she took my plate and brought out the main dish, so I gagged that down then she brought out dessert and I gagged that down.  I almost threw up, but luckily I didn’t.   But after we left her house, about 15 minutes later I met Montezuma, and he had some revenge!!
President Hernandez pulled me aside and interviewed me and asked “What are you nervous about?”  I said “The language” and he pulled out his computer and said “Well learn this!”   It was 500 words, 15 scriptures, and 150 phrases.  I said I would, and he said “This is your goal, when do you want to be done with this?” I replied “I don’t know, when do you think I should be done with this?”  President replied “Well how about 10 days” and I said ok, relaxed and confident.    “Does that not scare you?” I laughed and said “No I’m a missionary, nothing is too hard for me” and he just got out of his chair and hugged me!!!
The days go by so fast here two years will fly by.
I have given 2 priesthood blessings this week 
I asked elder Pazmiño what he likes to do and he said I like to shop so I said this P day we will go shopping,  and he said I don’t have money so I slipped 200 pesos in his luggage and then he went to his luggage to grab his toothbrush and started to cry and said Elder Smiley you are the best!!!
My apartment

We drink lots of Coke, and no water!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cody is in Aguascalientes!! Native companion with no English!!

HOLY FETCH IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in the field right now and I am freaking out my companion barely speaks English but wants to learn it just like I want to learn Spanish so we are helping each other out big time.

I am serving in Aguascalientes! Funny story. I arrive at a missionary’s apartment and he says,  “You’re Elder Smiley?” I said, “yes?” He said, “A woman came up to me and said, “When does Elder Smiley come?” He did not know what she was talking about, neither did I until I realized it’s Matt Ward's Mother in Law!   I got way excited and just freaked out, I was so happy!!!!!!!

Elder Pazmiño said after we are done emailing I will teach a lesson and I am freaking the heck out!!!!! I cannot wait but at the same time!!!!! So yes I’m fetching scared!!!!

Hermana Tempest (an Hermana in my district at the CCM) took a ton of photos.  You guys will die when you see them.  She needs to send them to me and I need to buy a camera.   Sorry, I will try my best to remember!!!!!

This morning we woke up at 1 so we could get to the airport at 2:30.  Oh my gosh, I kept on trying to fall back asleep so many times it was awful.  I’m going off of 4 hours of sleep right now so it is pretty hard right know!

BYU WHAT THE HECK!!!!!! I’m so mad that we lost again, gosh I was so mad!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last E-mail from the MTC This is going to be great. Here he comes Aguacalientes!!!

Nothing too crazy has happened in the past 5 days, but I will try to make this good.  
I got my flight plans, I leave the MTC at 2:30 in the morning and my flight is at six.   Apparently we have to be at the airport three hours before the actual flight. I think we could drive to Aguascalientes and show up at the same time as the flight. I will not call you, I will just talk to you at Christmas

I am terrified about leaving the CCM because my Spanish is awful, but I hope I get a good trainer.   I have not had much sleep and do not eat that much because I am so scared.  I have been talking to my teachers and told them how scared I am to leave because of my Spanish and they said I will be able to have a very good conversation at about a month and be able to teach really well at three, so I hope they are right!!!! 

So funny story, there are a lot of elders who love BYU as much as I do so we asked our branch president to look it up on his phone.  We all started cheering after we saw the score!!!!!

I was pretty surprised about Taysom starting, is he switching with Tanner or is Tanner just the back up again? 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Almost done with the MTC!! He can't wait.

I don’t need pants, trust me I have more than enough, just belts and the other stuff and the BYU shirt. The one that says go cougs and is shaped like a football and is royal blue.  I also need the gift of tongues, so could you help me and pray for that thanks love you so much!!!!!!

I asked Cody if General Authorities ever came to the MTC and this was his response “only members of the seventy and it sucks because they need translators and never have the spirit because if something is funny then the translator laughs and the spirit is gone its stupid “

No letters what-so-ever!  Are you sure that you are sending them to the MTC, or my mission home?

So I forgot to tell you but when I was at the airport in Mexico we were all in suits, and this guy said are you going to the Olympics and thinking off the top of my head I said “ya.”  He said “really for what” I was about to say basketball, but then I said swimming and he was amazed and asked for my autograph.   I felt like a big deal!!!!!!!!!
Highschoolers always do stupid stuff but not that stupid!

Elder Platt and I are getting along really well, like I’m surprised.

I’ve been freaking out about BYU football all week, like honestly my district is getting so sick and tired of me its funny!!!!!!
my Spanish is getting better, I had a good convo with my teacher but we will see how well it is with real Mexicans.
Everyone that is from Aguacalientes says the Spanish is spoken slow, like aaaaaaaaaarchibald slow! so thats good!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My next P day is Wednesday, then we pack and everything like that then I’m out of the MTC!!!!!!!!

But my president doesn’t speak English so we will see how that goes.