Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Dave told us on Mother's Day that he is being transferred to Vitoria.  Back up in the "basque' area of Spain.  Vitoria is by his first area Bilbao.  He has been sent there as a Zone Leader.

It´s 10 minutes before I have to go home and I am busting out this email to be obedient. I am sure I will get you more info and pictures when I can. 
I cried my last night in Menorca with my recent converts and members. It was super hard because I had literally bled with them for 6 months. I loved it and I learned so much!
I love it here. After (literally) a full day of travel (plane,train,bus) we got to our piso in time to call the zone. Everyone was super surprised and super excited. We are excited about all that is happening here! The zone needs a little “umph” right now and President Pace told me that´s why they are sending me. haha I guess he knows I am a little crazy (probably from the letters of Elder Ponce, Alder, and Wilkinson). 
I will never forget what President Pace told me when I got to Barcelona.   He asked for a private interview before my train and he said he is excited and he needs me there in Vitoria to work with Elder Wiscombe (he is an animal!!!) Then he said ,crying,¨ I will never forget what you did in the branch of Menorca.¨ Then we cried hugging each other. It makes me remember that God has his plan and he only puts us in places that he needs us. 

I love all of you!!!

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