Monday, June 16, 2014

Finally we got a letter with some length!!

Today I finally have some time to talk to y´all. This past month has been an atrocity, trying to pull everything together and do everything, but today I have a little bit of a break to talk to y´all. This past week was a bit crazy and a bit funny. First of all I got to do a companionship exchange with a missionary who reminds me of Jake Lamb. It was so funny. He talked about Star Wars, sword fighting, and all this other crazy stuff. It was something I will never forget. 
Another funny story, we were teaching Faith this Saturday and we were teaching the word of wisdom and we brought up tea. She asked if we couldn´t drink all teas and we told her the exceptions that our president has told us!  She responded saying that there was one herb that helps her go to sleep and poop better. When she said this Elder Wiscombe and I tried so hard not to laugh, while our member explained everything and she was ok with it. I had to say a prayer in my head so I wouldn´t destroy the rest of the lesson.
Yesterday was the best and the worst. Almost none of our investigators could come to church.  Then almost all of our visits with new investigators fired. That made me mad. Especially when we are trying so hard to find these 2000 new investigators, but all of them are firing us and we just can´t find them. After trying everything that we could and passing by and talking to everyone a miracle happened. We found him. The friend of a member that has been reading the Book of Mormon but just has not had time to meet with the missionaries. He is in Alma! He loves it. He wants to know more about it. He is so excited. It was a testimony builder to me that AFTER we do all we can that God will come in and do the rest. Just like the atonement. He will do the rest. 
Just one of the few lessons I have learned from being a missionary. I have learned so many it´s hard to count, but these are the lessons and the things I will use and know for the rest of my life. It is not about me anymore. Probably the hardest lesson to learn as a 19 year old.
This week in Vitoria we should have a triple dipper, between us and the Hermanas.

Prayer list:
Faith will be baptized this week.
George and Luilli from the hermanas.
Maria and Elisa can know they are ready for baptism. They can just DO IT!!!
Cesar can be baptized on the 12 of Julio.

I love all of you and thank you for everything! Y´all are the best and I pray for you and I feel your prayers. 

Élder Smiley

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