Monday, June 9, 2014

I guess we are thankful for the short letters we get!!

Crazy week. Everything hit the fan. Investigators dropping us. Fired visits. Lying street contacts. The worst. To top it all off we had miracles on Sunday. I don´t know why but it usually is just like that. This Sunday an investigator that hadn´t come to church in almost 2 years came. She is finally starting to progress and we are hoping to help her and her friend start trucking right along!!! I´m sorry I don´t have as much time now a days with everything going on especially because a bunch of crazy stuff is happening in the zone and we have got to find 2000 news this month so this is short and I am sorry. I will tell all of you thank you for your prayers and your fasts. I feel your spirit and your help with me when it is just hard. Thank you and I love all of you!!! I hope the best for all of you!!!

Prayer list:
1.Doris. Baptized the 28th. Read. pray and come to church
2. Faith. Baptized the 21st. Read and pray.
3.Maria and Elisa. Read and pray and accept a fecha.

4. Find! Find! Find!

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