Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baptism in the Basque Country

BATPISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faith got baptized. There was a lot of stuff that happened this week, fulll of crazy stuff and full of miracles. I will start from the beginning. We went to Bilbao for a zone conference and we got to teach for 10 minutes. It was great. It was what our zones needed and it was what I needed. I learned a lot about being a better person. President and Hermana Pace are really worried, not only about during the mission but also after the mission. They want us to endure to the end. 
We found a great Spaniard early last week. His name is Pablo. He is from north Spain. We have already taught him twice and he came to Faith´s baptism and loved it then came to church. He told us it has been a desire of his to be baptized in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy ghost. We are very excited to be with him.
At the baptism of Faith she brought 4 friends with her, one less active and 3 nonmembers. boom!!! 2 of the which have baptism fechas. We had a huge turn out because at church last week and during the week she made sure that everyone knew about her baptism. It was great to see the real desire to be baptized. 
Last night we had 2 great visits that just make me think about the importance of members. 1st we had a visit and we brought a member all the people present were from Nigeria. There were moments when the investigators didn´t understand what was going on in the lesson and our member explained to them in the simple terms of a recent convert what we were trying to say. He even testified the need for them to be baptized. 
2nd We had a family night with a member family and a nonmember friend. We watched the restoration and the members testified. I am getting better at really loving and using the members.
We are going to start this new transfer off with a bang. I don´t know how but somehow Elder Wiscombe and I are going to find the whole world, then teach them then baptize them. Let´s do this! Let´s go baptize the world!!
Prayer list:
Pablo: Baptized the 12th. Quit smoking.
César: come to church. baptized the 12th.
Austin and Doris. come to church. Baptized the 12th.

Thank you all! I love all of you and thank you for your prayers! Can we all go out and baptize the world please?

Élder Smiley

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