Monday, November 24, 2014

Last weeks Post - I did not get it posted

What a week. I am sorry to say that Mayra just fell off the face of the earth. It was very sad to see that but the Lord has blessed us with even more miracles.
Noris. The street contact miracle came to the Hermana´s baptism on Saturday. She loved it!! We talked to her about it and asked her if she would like to do the same and she said ¨Yes! The only question is when.¨ What a blessing of the Lord. She then came to church and loved it even more. She is going extremely well.
Vicent. He came to church on Sunday and after we asked him if he still wanted to be baptized this Saturday. He looked at me as if I had 8 eyes. ¨Why wouldn´t I want to be baptized?¨ He is very excited for this wonderful opportunity. 
The miracle this week was when we decided to pass by a recent convert who lives with all Muslims. Right before we started Elder Jones asked if any of them wanted to listen and me knowing that they were all Muslims would say no, all of sudden one said yes. He came up and listened, liked it, is reading in the Book of Mormon and came to church with us on Sunday. I want to repent for getting comfortable and thank my companion for finding when we are teaching. His name is Kamano, but when he first said it, it sounded like ¨Comando¨. We laughed about it and asked him if he likes call of duty and we all got a good laugh out of it. He only speaks French so we are going about 98 percent on the spirit while teaching him. 
President came down for a zone conference this week and it was extremely spiritual and I loved it! He then finished up by telling us that Elder Cook would be coming to Barcelona and he wants to meet us. So we are going up Saturday morning to meet an apostle! What a blessing to be a missionary!
Thank you for your wonderful prayers and fasts in my behalf and the behalf of my friends that I am teaching. Thank you so much! I love all of you and pray for all of you! 
I would like y´all to pray for:
1.Vicent. Baptism saturday.
2. Noris. Baptism 29th, and that we can teach her all.
3. Kamano. That we can have the gift of tongues and he can accept a fecha.

4. Mayra. That she can be led back to the truth.

Elder Jones and Smiles in Xativa
Spain train stations do not look like Japanese train stations!!!

Elders street contacting in Valencia

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