Monday, November 24, 2014

Baptisms all over the place!!! Smiles is a good match with Valencia.That is a bunch of white going on!

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!  What a week. A rollercoaster of a week.
Monday we had 2 excellent lessons.
Tuesday 2 more great visits.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were full of fired visits and people dropping us. It was a frustrating few days. Saturday we went to Barcelona to listen to Elder Cook then we went to the baptism that evening.
Elder Jones baptized Vicent and Roque. They loved it. Then Sunday the miracles just poured in. Noris (Who we had lost contact with since Monday) was ready to go when we passed by her house of complete faith. Mayra (Yes buckle up) came to church and acted like nothing had happened. She then said that she would like to be baptized. Reyna (A reference from Hna. Manwill) came with us to church for the afternoon ward and loved it. Lee (A Chinese contact of Elder Jones (Elder Jones took a year of Chinese in high school so we try to get by) and I. Yes I did scream ¨Come on Lee¨ from the movie “Rush Hour” when we saw him. hahaha Full of miracles and the area is on fire!!!
I will start with Elder cook first. What a blessing to listen to an apostle. His testimony was heart throbbing. He said a few things that I want all to know. He said ¨If missionaries have more faith they will have more success¨, nothing about testimony or work ethic or knowledge, all about faith, the first principle of the gospel. He then told us how the church started in Europe. It was because of a lack of work in England so Joseph Smith sent missionaries. He said what a blessing to be in this situation in Spain with a hard economic time. Last was his testimony. He said that with experiences too spiritual to tell he knows the saviors voice. That is incredible.
One thing I learned this week was to not be a Nephite _____. In my case it´s a Nephite missionary. When we are having lots of success sometimes we get caught up that we don´t have to be as obedient or work as hard or that it is because of our own strength. I´ve learned that, and I have a testimony of that.
Latest news on Menorca. The elders there came up to me in Barcelona and said that Manuel is now the second counselor in the branch presidency and Stiven is the executive secretary. I love that place!
Just so you know Elder Jones can rap. He is incredible. The other night we were on the street and talked to a black man. He was saying how he liked rap then began to rap a little then all of sudden Elder Jones throws down and kind of puts it in his face. The friend of the man who rap battled was like ¨OHHHHHH!!!!!¨ then gave Elder Jones a hug. It was priceless.
Side note. For the afternoon ward we arrived about 10 minutes early and instead of conversing or anything we decided it would be best if we sat down and read the scriptures. Our friend (Reyna) joined us and then the meeting started, they passed the sacrament and we read and prayed during that. Simple acts but it turned a simple sacrament meeting into a spiritual witness to me that the church was true. Isn´t that interesting.
What a blessing to be a missionary in this blessed mission.
Thank you for your support and prayers and love! Love all of you!
If you would please pray for:
Noris, Mayra, and Reyna. 
Thank you and Love y´all!!!

√Člder Smiley
That is a bunch of white, looks like everybody is in on this.  Elder Alder is in the far right, companion from Menorca

Look how tall Smiles looks!  

On the missionary caliber "sleeper car" on the train.  Sisters in the window taking the photo.  I'm sure there is no posing!!

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