Monday, November 3, 2014

Things are cookin' in Valencia

This week went by super slow. I don´t know why, and I don´t know how, but it seemed to drag a bit. Maybe it was because I just don´t know the area and I seem like I am just following like a dumb dog, or just the fact that I was beat to a pulp because we walked so much talking with the whole world. 
Halloween this past weekend!   Super different here. The adults still dress up and get super drunk and then ridicule and threaten the missionaries! The kids also dress up and go to parties of some sort (we did not see attend any of these parties so I give no details) and no one goes asking for candy even if some of the kids have a bucket or a bag of some sort. Strange!
The 3rd ward did a party of some sort, but we only took our investigators (friends) to it then left them to go and teach some other lessons. They told us they enjoyed it and that it ended up being very funny.
This week was also very strange because everyone that was progressing before I got here fired on us, but we found tons of new people that were super prepared. We have some good investigators right now and I am very excited. I´ve got some good stories and miracles for this week.
1. Elder Jones contacted a man about 3 weeks ago that was Muslim but is now wanting to change, and we just got around to calling him Saturday night, he told us he would meet us in the spot we meet everyone (metro de Patraix) before going to church. Elder Jones had forgotten what he looked like. He showed up and was kind of sitting there by the metro stop and we just thought it was another man sitting there. After a couple of minutes of waiting he came over and asked if we were the people that had called him and invited him to church. We also had forgotten so we were kind of like, ¨Ya I guess so.¨ Super great!
2. A contact on Friday night said that the missionaries had talked to her earlier but never called her. She said that she really did want to hear more but they never called her. We invited her to church and she came and loved it. It was an incredible testimony meeting.
3. Testimony meeting. One thing I have learned from the mission is what a testimony is. It is something the Holy Ghost has testified to you that is true. Obviously we as members get that mixed up with story time during fast and testimony meeting. Here they are not. They all bore there strong but short testimonies and the spirit was incredible and it just testified that this church was true and the Book of Mormon is scripture. It was incredible.
4. We visited with an investigator of ours that we hadn´t been able to visit with until Saturday and to start out the visit we asked her when she would like to be baptized and she said that she had been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon for the past week and that it was true and that she wanted to be baptized the 8th, this Saturday. Boom! What a huge miracle! I loved it so much! It made me so happy.
This area is looking very good and we are seeing miracles every hour of every day. Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for your letters and emails of encouragement and love. God bless!
Pray list.
1.Mayra. That everything is ok and that she can be baptized the 8th.
2.Noris. Accept a fecha and continue to listen.
3. Richard. Read, Pray and come to church. baptized 22nd.
4. That the ward can have the Lord´s help in carrying out their ward mission plan.
Love you all!!!!
Let´s baptize the world!

Élder Smiley

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