Monday, July 20, 2015

Back to Back Weeks of Baptisms. Way to go Elder Smiley

Back to back weeks! The ward and everyone is super excited!
The baptismal service was incredible. They did show up a bit late
but we got in and had a spiritual musical number, a good talk and a 
great prayer. Elder Johnson did a great baptism even though she
forgot to plug her nose and it was kind of awkwardly up in the air 
even though she still went all the way under. After the baptism she
gave a testimony that almost put me to tears. She thanked us
specifically for having helped her realize that she did need to be
baptized and this was the true church. She also talked about when
she has to go back to her country she will take Books of Mormon 
so that her family can have the  blessings of the gospel. In this
baptismal service I realized that I love my family and my home
but this is where I need to be right now and that this is real 
happiness. I was truly happy as I listened to that powerful testimony.
It was a very interesting week.
I´m usually focused on just baptizing baptizing baptizing. But this
week I did a little better job on stepping back and trying to help 
people in piso, less actives, recent converts, and active members
who were struggling.
We actually had a great conversation with a member who has been
a member for 30+ years. (The church started in Madrid 40 years ago,
in Barcelona I don´t even know when). His whole family was baptized
but now he is the only one active and it is a bit rough sometimes. Props
to this great man! Carlos Marcos, I will always remember him.
Also this week there were some old classmates of Mari Carmen that
were making fun of her after our visit. They were being what Charles
Barkley would call ¨knuckleheads¨. As we walked one way and she left
the other they started mocking and laughing and making fun of until
the point came when I couldn´t take it any more. I turned around and I
went up to him and got up in his face and said ¨We are friends of Mari
Carmen and you better cut that out.¨ He looked a lot like Uncle Mike.
I think I caught him by surprise and then he said, ¨take a walk!¨ I didn´t
move an inch and I told him I wouldn´t leave till he cut it out. I don´t
think anyone had ever stood up to him before especially not a squirt
in a white shirt and tie. It felt good to help our friend out because I 
really do love Mari Carmen.
Like I said an interesting week.
I love all of you and thank you all for your support and love even though
I´m still out here. ha
Would you please join me in prayer to help: AsunciĆ³n, Allison, Guillem,
and Dani.
I thank you also for your many prayers in my behalf. Love y´all!

Anyone that will listen to his message!!!!

Typical Spanish street

Baptism this week.  The lady that said it would have to be a year before she was ready, Dave challenged her last week and she got baptized this week!

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