Monday, July 27, 2015

Man the last weeks just fly by too fast

Another packed week with teaching, and finding, and miracles.
Also this week I hit my two year mark. That was a weird realization for me.
We met this kid that is incredible. His name is Guillem. He is a stud who is from San Quirze (next door) who did an exchange program in St. George. He got back in June and contacted the missionaries last week. They told me and I met with him and we talked. He went to Utah not believing in God and came back knowing that this is the true church. Good man!
Last Sunday I contacted a woman on a bus in Sabadell. Turns out she lives in Montcada (far out but in my area). She accepted a return visit. We came and taught. She loved it. Also her too kids. When we came back later in the week she had read and had great questions. She came to church. Ninosca, Fernando and Ahmed. Those were three individual miracles right there.
We are to the point of having tons and tons of people to teach and so we are super busy all day every day and not much time to find. The difficulty is finding people in the little time we have and help those be baptized who we have pendant. Let me just give you a recap of our pool of friends.
Asunción. Crazy but doesn´t feel the need to be baptized. She just thinks that all churches are true and she´s already been baptized. She treis my patience quite a bit!
Allison. A member (better said less active) told her the last time she came to church that she shouldn’t be baptized. Without much of an explanation you could tell that Elder Smiley was livid. Now we are trying to help her listen more to Jesus than to psycho members.
Ninosca. A little bit more time and she is going to be a great member of the church.
Joy. Not feeling well and super down. I don´t know whatever happened to her. Mari Carmen says that she is super down though. It´s a bit sad to see someone who was doing so well then to see them drop so low.
Not much new this eek We are working hard and seeing tons and tons of miracles. I will keep y´all updated on everything that is happening.
I also wanted to give, more or less, a shout out to Jim Dunn and his family. I fell like I have always had his support for my two years and that I owe him a lot for all the miracles I have participated in because of his prayers.
I don´t know if I already explained this but I thought it might put Utah church life into perspective. In Barberá we have to grab a bus or train at 2:30 to get to Sabadell to grab a bus at 3:00 to get to the church by at least 4:00 when it starts (Dave stop complaining about 2:30 church that one year). We have our meetings until 7:00 then grab the bus when it comes at 7.40 and then switch to the train, which drops us off in Barberá at 8:30, then we walk to our homes. Double your normal time. Blessings.
I love all of you and ask that you pray for my wonderful friends and that they can come to know Christ and receive his blessings.
I love all of you and thank all of you!

Élder Smiley

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