Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mom's Payday!!

What a week! Full of mega miracles! (Also you are welcome for all the photos)
Miracle #1: is BAPTISM!!!!!! Gerard was baptized and he is a boss! It was a very calm and well done service. I was so calm and it was so well planned. We got there early and got everything ready. 2 of the bishopric came (About as rare as camels in the north pole). Pte. Dayton came with his wife. The talk was given by Flor, and she invited the whole family to follow Gerard and be baptized. The baptism was smooth and done once. When he got up and bore his testimony almost everyone was crying at the fact that an 8 year old could give such a strong testimony! It was incredible! The confirmation the same. Good work!
Miracle #2: María Jesús. Mother of 2 recent converts. She had said that IF she were to be baptized she would wait until ATLEAST next year. We saw her in the park on Saturday night and we started talking with her about the church and such. I then felt impressed to invite her to baptized, not only baptized, but for the 18th of July. She laughed, I felt a bit silly but we kept our cool. She realized we were serious and said that there was no way she could be ready by that day. We asked her to pray and ask about it. Specifically ask God what she should do. She did it and got her answer and when I called her on Sunday she told me she was going to be baptized this Saturday. We announced it in church and people were like ¨who?¨ and she would say ¨Me! Me!¨ After church we passed by to plan the service and we talked about the authority and how she was going to baptized by the authority she replied saying ¨I want to be baptized right now!¨ What a blessing and miracle she has been!
I had an interview with Pte. Dayton this week and we had a good talk about me and my family. He told me that I needed to do what my passion was when it came down to studies and work. I don´t want to think about it too much, but it was interesting the things I got out of the interview. Another thing is when he asked about mom I said, ¨She is just a stay at home mom.¨ He was struck with awe. He replied saying “Just a stay at home mom!”  That is the way the Lord wants the family to be.¨ I repented of it then in my prayer that night gave thanks for the blessing of having a mom that was always there for me. Waiting for me when I got home from school to make sure I did my homework and ate a snack. That took me to my baseball games and cheered for us even though we were losing and I was mad at her on the inside for being so enthusiastic and optimistic when we were down by 15. I love my mom!
My new companion is Elder Johnson and he is incredible! He is from Texas and is as humble as ever! I couldn´t be more grateful to have such a great missionary to finish my mission with.
I love all of you and thank you all for your love and support!
If you could all please pray for María Jesús for her baptism and for Gerard´s family that they can be baptized here soon.
Let´s go to work!

Élder Smiley
Gerard being Baptized, he asked for Dave to baptize him!

This is Sister Lee from South Korea.  Introduced to the gospel in Spanish Fork on a student exchange.  Dave Taught her on a missionary split while he was in Spanish Fork before his mission.  

Dave being "Smles"

Dave being "Smiles"

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