Monday, August 3, 2015

I like the part about "I've already talked to you", pointing a Dave. Good job, talk to everyone you see Elder Smiley!!

Kind of a rough week looking at the end but during the week we had plenty of miracles and surprises.
This week was a fired visit gave us about an hour to go find someone. I told the member that we were going to go find someone to baptize. We talked with an old feller and he didn´t want anything but he said that someone on the 4th floor probably believes in God. We went and touched the first door. A lady opened up, let us in and loved it.
I was on an intercambio with Elder Johnston and we passed by someone I had contacted the week prior. We rang the timbre and she stated that she wasn´t very interested and hung up. As I was scratching off her name she asked if we were still there. We said yes and told us to come up. She then asked when we got up if we could teach her children about God because she didn´t know much and wants them to have a good foundation. I felt like a primary teacher. The kids running around, not paying attention, crying, and laughing. It was a mess but she liked it and wants us to return.
The things that were kind of rough were that María Jesus´ son is having family problems in France and now she left to go help him and she will be there through August. Frustrating. Ninosca and her family got a call from a friend who invited them to Switzerland for a couple weeks. In Spain people tend to go on vacations in August and it is a major pain in the rear. Also they are very lazy in August because they turn off their brains and go into a relaxation mode. ha
I´m really out of things to say. We talked with a schmack ton of people and they told us ¨I´ve talked with you (pointing at me) but not him, but it doesn´t matter still no.¨ We have talked with almost everyone in our area. It´s actually quite entertaining watching their reactions when we walk towards them and they don´t want to talk with us.  But then there is always that one that has been praying all day for someone to give them direction in their life and how our Father in Heaven puts us right in their path.
This week I also shared ¨What the Lord taught me on my mission¨. It´s like a testimony but we know that a testimony is what the spirit has taught us, and this is more like what we realized as we have been out here working. They asked me to go last and it was pretty rough because I have loved my mission so much and I guess it´s just a bit rough for it to come to an end. I´ll send an email next week more about this stuff, but in the mean time we need to go baptize the entire world!
If you would please pray for Allison, Yunis, Lilia and for our miracle contact that wants to be baptized before I go home.
Good work.
Thank y´all for your prayers in my behalf. It really is nice knowing you have a bunch of people behind you cheering you on.
Love y´all!
Élder Smiley

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