Saturday, August 27, 2016

A great letter this week. Lots of changes for Cody!!

First off guys I need pictures, honestly the only people sending pics are Mark and Andi ( and smiles but it was of a toe, a fetching toe) so come on I need more pics!!!!!!!!!!! Second, I got a new companion because my other companion went home for medical reasons.  My new companion’s name is Elder Platt, he is from Colorado Springs.  He is the best! It is such a blessing to have him as a companion. My gosh his Spanish is good, he is exactly like our family and laughs at all of my jokes.  And the best part he loves the story from Dave's mission about “so great!!!!!” 

So this next P day will be on a Friday, but the next one will be on a Wednesday.  Something to do with us being off to Aguacalentes.

I need to hear what happened with the Olympics, like come on people!!!!!!!!!

Because of the panic attacks my old companion had I missed about 20 hours of class time so my Spanish is AWFUL.   I'm so behind, so my new companion will kick me into shape hopefully!!!!!!! 

So six months ago today I opened my mission call.   Can something seem that long ago, and yet short all at the same time?

I lost 15 more pounds!  I don’t have a gut hanging over my pants anymore and when I put my pants on it looks like I am from the biggest loser, its pretty funny.

I leave the premises when we go to the temple and to get our visas. It is way too sketchy out here to do what Dave did because every night we hear gunshots.  I  miss elk!  I told my companions about hunting and gosh I miss it, but who cares I'm in Mexico now!!! I freakin’ miss the Land Cruiser, my gosh that stick shift, holy crap!!!

Ok, so I thought of more stuff in the package.  I need pics of the fam in a book or something.  I need a new belt, I’ve lost 15 pounds and my belt is too big.  I need a new camera, it broke! I know, sorry it didn’t turn on one day.  My companion left because of health problems, his family said they would not love him if he came home.  I felt bad, and his life just fell apart in seconds. It was bad, so I hope you don’t do that to me if I do come home. I don’t think I will, because I love being a missionary, but I’m ready to leave the CCM.

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