Friday, August 19, 2016

Cody has made the transition to missionary!!

First off I cant stand it here in the CCM anymore, I’m ready to leave, my roommates are driving me insane!!!!!!
My companion is the worst, he has no manners whatsoever!   He farts whenever he wants, and whenever I talk to him about it he says, “the district will just have to get used to it” and he is just selfish.  I hate it!  He’s been having lots of panic attacks, so we have been to the doctors a lot, like 10 hours in his office.   He personally knows elder Payne now, so that how its going with my companion.  Not fun, but a growing experience.

My foot was hurting when I looked at it, I had an ingrown toe nail.   I pulled it out myself and holy cow it was pretty disgusting.

Our afternoon teacher Hermano Suaste, coolest guy in the whole wide world, loves me because he spends so much time worrying about me, and he even sits by me at lunch and dinner.

I had a cold earlier, and that cold triggered a super bad ear infection.  To the point that puss was squirting out of my ear, it killed soooooooo bad.   The doctor said that was the worst one I’ve ever seen.

I’ve heard stories about “forgetting your first name” and I cant believe that i actually forgot my first name.   I saw Cami, an old friend, and she said “Cody Cody Cody!!!!” Then she said “Elder Smiley” and I was like ya? It was pretty funny!!!!

It gets dark at 7 at night and light at 8 in the morning. Kind of insane, and these Mexicans are the hardest working people, its absolutely crazy!!!!! 

I officially had a worst and best part of my mission because my companion had a way bad panic attack and Elder Adams, who is a saint came over and said “do you need a priesthood blessing?”  My companion said that he would.  Then Elder Adams asked “who would you like to do it?” and he looked at me.   I got nervous, and shook my head, but I did participate in it.   After I felt bad cause I said no, and I really wanted to, but got too nervous. It was cool to participate!!!!

Sorry my emailing has been everywhere we go to the temple for 6 hours and its kind of crappy because we have no personal time, so sorry if I didn’t respond to everyone but hope you guys are doing great!

You are welcome for the pictures, and I cant wait to hear from you guys next week.  I love all the emails, all my companions are looking at my letters and making fun of me, but its great to see all of the emails love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a letter from grandma. I’m the only one getting real letters!

One more thing I LOVE BIENG A MISSIONARY, I cant even imagine how amazing the field will be!!!! I’ve earned the name sonrisiamente, and my gosh my whole zone loves me.   Its awesome, I love the people, {besides my roommates}, but its good that people love me and I do feel everyone’s love, especially from you and mom. L

I have five minutes! So we were at the temple and two Mexican missionaries saw my name, smiled laughed and gave me hugs.   It was really cool. 
If you have any more questions I’ll be happy to answer. I love you, and I’m sorry I didn’t hug you more   when I was home, cause I would kill for a “momma hug” right now.

Love your guts

Double the name tag, double the missionary effort!!

My room and my companion

How cool is this photo!!

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