Friday, August 12, 2016

Letter #1 We got Mail!

I know I know it took me long enough!  It was hard not hearing from everyone, and my gosh this past week and a half was a tough one.  They shove language down my throat, I have no idea what they are saying. My district is the coolest district ever. Elder Platt is exactly like Smiles, its so funny he likes everything that Smiles likes, and he laughs at all of my jokes!!! One time he didn’t come for study time in the classroom, so at the cafeteria I asked him what he was doing and where he was.   He said, and I quote "I don’t want to blame everything on 9/11, but it definitely didn’t help” My gosh it was the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! He is my favorite!!!!!!! If it wasn’t for gym time I would probably leave the CCM because its hard, and on P days I’ve got to go to the temple so I’m always in Sunday clothes besides gym time!
I love all of the emails I got, I started to cry after I saw all of the emails because I didn’t think anyone was going to write me or miss me!
So far in the CCM I’ve lost 10 lbs and it doesn’t help that my house is the farthest away from everything. {Dad before you ask I’m in house 30 and when you look up the CCM you’ll laugh. It takes my companion and I 15 minutes to get to the cafeteria because he just goes so fetching slow. Sorry about the spelling or punctuation the keyboard is so messed up here!

Homesickness hit me hard the first two days, then it just stopped, so that was really good and every time I think of home I say “AND THEN WE BAPTIZED”.    That book was the best and worst thing, best because it makes everything better, worst because I cry every time I read it.

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