Monday, October 31, 2016

Great week, after a crappy week last week! Oh, the ups and downs of a mission!!

This week was absolutely fetching crazy!!!  We had 6 investigators go to church with us I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Pazmiño and I dodged a shootout, but we still saw a guy die.   That was pretty interesting!!!!

Elder Pazmiño and I had the absolute funniest Star Wars moment! So there was this guy all in black and we were walking and he walked in front of us and we stopped looked at him one more time and turned around and walked away I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!

Julio (investigator) is so poor he can’t afford Sunday clothes so my companion and I were walking and ran into a member and told him about Julio.   All these members around us said I have pants he can have! Another said oh I have an old shirt! and soon we were able to get everything for him it was so cool!!!!!!

He has a hard time making friends, and so we said lets play soccer on Monday and we invited Joaquin (my fav person ever!) and he basically had sandals was all, and so I gave him my shoes.   Elder Pazmiño didnt have any shoes either so I said lets go to the mall and get me some new shoes.  I secretly had the worker at the mall help me buy Elder Pazmiño some shoes and we walked out of the mall and I handed him shoes.   He started to cry and hasn’t stopped smiling since. 
My gosh it is the greatest!!!!!!!!

One of our investigators who drinks and drinks and drinks, quit after one lesson with us and told us he thought he would’ve rejected us if his son didn’t tell him about us!!!!!
I cant want to learn Spanish so I can actually become better friends with these people!!!!

But for now I LOVE MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Shoes all the way around!!!  Good job Cody!

Not sure who the extra Elder is...
...but they are having fun!

Cody and his MTC companion

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