Monday, December 12, 2016

New Companion - New Effort - More Language

This week was pretty sad.  The little girl who took the book of Mormon to school is going to a different church.  So that was pretty sad. 

My companion is Elder Magana and is from Mexico city.  Likes soccer and football!!!! Needs a quilt. He is like my brother here already!!!!!

We have 2 investigators that are progressing.  Jiserla is ready to be baptized, but she needs to get legally married.  Monica needs a response from God.  I personally think Jiserla will get married soon.  I do not know if I will get wet, but I think my investigators will.  We found an amazing less active family!! Like you said a reactivated family is as good as a baptism!!!!!!!!

Getting used to Elder Magaña is really hard.  Only because we work so much harder than Elder Pazmiño and I did!  Timing is not on our side, we struggle with that, but it is all good for now!

Elder Magaña and I just love each other, and my gosh he is like my best friend!
The first thing he told me this morning (P day) “I hate being in the house” and I just jumped and said VAMOS! 
We went to the mall! I heard Christmas music and all this stuff.  I got kind of homesick..........So I thought what Dad told me to do, SERVICE!!!!! I asked Elder Magaña what he wanted for Christmas? He said A Mexico soccer jersey.  We walked in the first store and bought him a soccer jersey!!! HE LOVES IT!!

Language!  Yes, its coming along slowly.  I just have to remind myself I only have 3 months in the mission.  So I think its coming along good, not great but good.  Elder Magaña and I walk the streets and he tells me something in English I translate it to Spanish so that’s good!

We had lunch with the young women's president and she gave us a list of the ward in our area!!!! We visited everyone I loved it!

This week on Tuesday we are going downtown Aguas and contacting and singing to everyone. I am kind of excited!  I know, kind of excited about singing?  Cody smiley?  Yes, I am!

What do you mean no good bowl games, I would kill to watch those bowl games!

I am starting to love the other missionaries here!!!! They are so cool!  One missionary in my zone was the companion of Elder Sermerseim, I saw pictures and freaked out!

I have a million pictures for you guys but the cybers here do not have places I can plug in my memory so I hope next week!!!!! 

I am very excited for Christmas and cannot wait to skype!!!!!!!

Loving Mexico!!!

Prayer list: Elder Smiley- the usual
Jiserla- Her husband will get baptized
Monica- She can get an answer
Morelos Ward- They can start helping me more 

Joaquin- He can go to church!!!!!

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