Monday, December 5, 2016

Short e mail, but it is transfers

This week was not the greatest, but we were busy!!!!
Tuesday: We had a district meeting and started to work at 6 because of comida and other stuff, but it was just crazy!!!!!
Wednesday:  The sisters needed help finding a house so we spend all day looking for a new house, did not find one! 
Thursday:  We had weekly planning and comida and didn’t work until 6 again!  And did not teach a single soul!!! It was pretty sad!!!!
Friday: We had a meeting with a member of the presidency over Mexico, so that was all day!!! 
Saturday:  We taught a few people and said goodbye to some members!!!!!!
Sunday: Only said bye to members and waited for the call for cambios..........

The cambios story is nuts!!!!! 
District leader calls us and says “Elder Pazmiño - no change.” and “Elder Smiley - no change.”
So we start jumping and hugging and my district leader says just kidding guys!!!!! 
“Elder Pazmiño  -  San Luis Potos and Elder Smiley with Elder Magaña”
The best part is Elder Magaña and I are really good friends from the Mexico MTC, he is a native speaker from the MTC, know a little English so I should be able to keep my goal of good Spanish by March.  

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