Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas in Mexico! Great wether, great Skype with family!


Talking with you guys was just so great!!!!!!! Made my day!!!!!!!!!

Ok story time!!!!!!  Elder Magaña and I eat lunch at members’ houses every day.  We were served this great big ole soup for lunch so we ate it.   Then the member gave us a big ole plate for more food!  We looked at each other and just went oh no! He could not eat any more food it was so bad and funny!!!!  So the member left.  He wrapped his rice in his napkin and hurry and threw it down the toilet!!!!  I was trying to hold my laugh in it was so funny!!!!!  Then I had to do the same!! But I actually went to the bathroom then threw my rice in but the toilet got clogged!!!!! So then I grabbed the rice (while there was P in the toilet) flushed one at a time down!!!! Luckily the member did not see a single thing!!!!!

For Christmas day I did not get the package.  WHO CARES!!!!!!! Elder Magaña and I went to church took a lot of photos (Can not send them because this cyber sucks) Visited our favorite family (Family Marine).  Gave them the toys we bought them and played with them for hours!!!!!  I have the coolest video of us.  I will try and send it to you guys soon!!!!  Then we Skyped in the coolest members house!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much snow in the states right not it is not even funny!!!!! Here in Mexico I am in short sleeves still!!!! But in Zacatecas there is snow so we will see if I go there!!!!!

Elder Magaña told me he feels like he is part of our family!!!!! Because he is exactly like us and we are so nice to him!!!!!!!!  

Family Marine was able to attend church and was able to teach them a lesson and get Luis and Gaby a baptismal date for the 14 of January!!!!!!!!!  Lets hope it goes through!!!!!!!

Prayer list:
Gaby:  Listen to us and know this is the right church!
Luis: Same as Gaby
Sandra ( maja Maine): Figure stuff out to go to the temple!!
Papa Marine:  Same as Sandra!!!
Jiserla: Try her best to get married!!!!!!
Elder Smiley: Gift of tongues!!!!!!

HAHAHA I know I need to improve my Spanish a whole lot more!!!!!!!!  Ok that is good mom is trying to send him a quilt.  It does not need to be a favorite, just like a heavy blanket would do!!!  I am gaining a little back but not much I weighed myself and I have 150 pounds!!!!!!!  I bought three pairs of pants today so that was good!!! I do not want to look sloppy at all!!!!!!  I loved talking to you guys!!!! Elder Magaña talked to his family 25 more minutes than I talked with you guys.

I love your guts too!!!!!!!

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