Monday, February 13, 2017

Zone Leaders are GREAT!!

This week was just awesome!!!!!!

I went on intercambios with the Zone Leaders all week!!  My gosh, I laughed and worked hard.  Elder Esparza and I just enjoyed every second together. Best week in this transfer yet!!!!!
After Elder Esparza I went with his companion, Elder Foster!!!! 
We have seen the same stupid YouTube videos, we like football, and just everything was the same with us! He is even from Utah!  Elder Foster and I had a family night with the ward in the church and it was the coolest thing in the world.   The ward came alive, it was just soooo cool!  5 investigators went and it was cool to see the ward just light up like they did! 

I returned from being with the zone leaders and Elder De La Cruz must have had the same experience, we just kept things going. I was literally like crawling on the ground like duuuuuude wait!  Pretty rewarding week!!! 

I am officially a pro soccer player! We played soccer with the ward and I have to say that I am gooooood.  I even scored a goal!

Sorry no pics this week.

Paballon is like Spanish Fork with all the farm land around it.  No restaurants, just people cooking in their homes. 

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA mom relax those are the blisters from playing basketball! You know I would just walk those blisters off ,so relax mom, jajaja gosh!!!!!!!!!

Mexico is still hotter than heck, no joke gosh it is so hot!! 

{I asked him how his Spanish is}
I can follow everyday conversations very easily, but when someone starts rambling in Sacrament meeting I sometimes zone out, so I need to be better about that.  Everything else, I just laugh at myself for crying at the first part of my mission.

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