Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh that Montezuma Revenge!!!

This week was by far the worst week of my life, not my mission, my freaking life.

We taught one lesson this week and it was a family home evening. 

My comp just wastes times with everything!!!!!!!!!

Only story I have...... On Sunday the family that we were going to eat with invited us to go to Sirloin with them ( a huge buffet) so we called our leaders and they said yes!!!  We went and ate and we go home and thirty minutes later I am puking my guts out in the bathroom for 30 minutes.  It got to a point I did not have food to throw up anymore!!!!!!
We went the to the doctor's office and I received TWO SHOTS IN MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For those who know how much I hate shots you should be proud of me!!!!!!  So yesterday and today I have not done anything!!!!! HORRIBLE

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