Monday, February 6, 2017

Well, this week will be very weird because we have a new schedule for missionaries!!!!!  The missionaries choose when they study everything!!!!!!!  It will be very different!!!!!!!

Well, I started to teach “English As a Second Language” so my comp and I can find more investigators!!!!  We need people to teach, these three weeks have been pretty crappy. Pabellon has been hard.  It is basically like the Valencia for Smiles. 

The few investigators we have did not come to church.  They are really great, but need to do their part and they will know that this church is true!!!!!!  

For Preparation day today we went to the reservoir and a statue of Jesus.  It was so cool!  These pictures that you will get and videos are awesome and hilarious! 

Not a lot to talk about because we had meeting after meeting this week.

Now this is Mexico transportation

This is as close to Turkey hunting as I will get this year!

P Day trip out to the lake

We have been doing a lot of walking

It's a big lake

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