Monday, March 13, 2017

Now Elder Smiley is seeing some success, but he is paying for it.

Well I hate training that is all I have to say about that.......

My greenbean is Elder Guerrero (I know, Elder Warrior!  Sick!) 

This week was actually very good.  When Elder Guerrero arrived we had literally zero of everything.  No investigators, no baptismal dates, no teaching appointments, no nothin’. 

So I sat Elder Guerrero down and said “Elder do you want to baptize in your first three months?”  He responded “Of course.”   So I told him we are going to have to work our butts off ok!?
That is exactly what we did!   I gave him 7 blisters from walking everywhere in Pabellon.  He said to me just yesterday “Elder we need to teach more and walk less.....”
I just fell to the ground laughing!!!!!!! 
We now have 2 investigators with baptismal dates, and one really good reference because 3 people gave us the same referral. So we will visit them on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we played basketball as a zone.  I think I am magically better than all the other Elders, or maybe Mexicans should just stick to soccer! I love everyone who wrote me it was a big surprise to see everyone who wrote and they all are having a great time!

If you guys want something from Mexico tell me and send me money and I will get it because everything here is so cheap!!!!!!!!

Prayer list:
Marilyn: to follow through with her promises
Alexis: listen to us
Manuel: to get married
Elder Smiley: Patience

Chris was telling Cody about our Kauai trip, telling him about going to “Glass Beach” and picking up sand tumbled glass.  She was trying to make it sound more fun than it really was, you know trying to make the vacation sound great. 

Cody’s response was . . . . . . you guys are so old!!                      That cracked me up!!

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