Monday, March 27, 2017

Oh the life of a Missionary, trying to sell religion!!

This week was a total joke.  Elder Guerrero and I worked our butts off.  Nothing happened. Literally we
just got rejected and our two investigators are going to be dropped by us, so ya!!

I worked so hard I was literally bed ridden. I worked so hard and long I puked, then someone walking by asked if I was ok. I said “Yes, do you know missionaries like us?” He just backed off and ran, one more rejection.  Can’t blame the guy though, I was throwing up.   The next day Hermana Quiñones asked “What do you have Elder?”  I told her I am sick again, but I am still working.  She yelled at me and said you need to rest!!  I said “I will rest when I have a baptism.” 
Later that night I literally passed out in my bed.  I was walking to go and fell into bed without saying a prayer.  Elder Guerrero thought I was joking, ln the morning he asked what happened last night?
I said I went to sleep and he said He thought I died in my bed. That morning I was so tired and sick I could not get out of bed so Elder Guerrero called Hermana Hernandez and I got a mouthful.  She told me that I need to be healthy. I never liked to be yelled at, you guys know that, so I said back who will teach the gospel then?  Then she was sad and said ok Elder Smiley do what you want but please do not die.

On a better note we got a referral from my first area.  We got a phone call, and a sister  down in Aquas was talking to me telling me the address of a friend of hers and asking us to look her up.  I asked her if she knew an Elder Smiley?  She said that she did, and then I told her that I was Elder Smiley!  She exclaimed, “I can talk to you now, you know Spanish!!”  Well I guess things are going well in that department. 

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