Monday, June 19, 2017

E- mail form June 12

This week was nuts. It was very funny.  We found a lot of investigators.  They are Alejandro, Janet, Oscar and Mayda!!!!  Elder Moreno and I have  had so many laughs, it has been the best!!! 
On Sunday I was so full,  so I asked him to eat my food.  He said he was full too! When the member who was feeding us asked us if we wanted more we said, “Of course!” 
Later, we laughed so hard.

Today we had our Nerf war.  It was the best. 
We had a really hard rainstorm, no joke, it almost got in our house.  It was up to my knees outside in the street.  It was so cool!!

Our investigators is progressing.  She just needs the lessons and the BAM we are going to ask her who she wants to baptize her.

Love you guys
-Elder Smiley

Prayer List:

Alejandro, Janet, Oscar and Mayda

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