Monday, June 19, 2017

today's E mail: Lunch with a 70, "Fancy Smancy"

This week was really funny!!!!!!!!!

After writing you guys last week we had a Family Home Evening.  One of the kids there asked me “Elder Smiley how do you comb your hair in the mornings?”  Elder Rosas and I just died laughing at that!  I am really going bald. 

Other funny moment is when we were leaving an OXXO a dude stopped me and said “Dude, you have some cool eyes.   Gay guys are here too!!  did not know that............

The presidente of the 70 visited us for our stake conference!!!! It was intense.   He lectured the stake members and basically chastised them.  I have never seen a general authority lecture members like that.

Later for our lunch appointment Elder Moreno and I ate with the presidente of the 70, President Hernandez, and Presidente Gutierrez (the stake pres)........
It was so funny because it was so fancy we had extra spoons and Elder Moreno and I did not know what one to use for the soup!!!!! It was so funny!!!!!!!!!

Prayer list:
Rolando: so he doesn’t freaking drink
Hugo: Listen to us more
Janet: Still listen 
Alejandro: progress

Margarita: Accept a fecha!!!

Cody always looks like he is having fun!  

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