Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Well there is a reason we titled this blog "3 Smiley Missionaries" back in 2013!!!

...and here goes Mark, oops, Elder Smiley!!  Mexico Puebla South Mission

Here is cody's email and reaction to Mark's call


MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YA, I love Puebla, I have a ton of friends there!!!!!!! Hermana Cruz is from there!!!!!

So on Sunday a new convert got up and said I am so grateful for the missionaries,  Elder Moreno and, well I do not know his name very well but . . . . Elder Wendys........ Good try!!  Not known here in my new area too well yet. 

Although I am not district leader, I love my district again!!!!!!!! Elder Esparza, my old zone leader, was so happy when I walked into our last Zone Meeting.   He is the coolest!!!!!

Yesterday we got a bunch of rain and I have never seen Elder Moreno run so fast!!!!!!! He is not that athletic, and he almost beat me to the house jajajajja!!!!!!!!!!

Today we bought  a bunch of groceries and stuff and it was so funny to see the face of Elder Moreno. .He just kept looking at everything, looking like “Man, we have a bunch of stuff here.” 

Well that is all I got...

Prayer list:

Janet and Oscar

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