Monday, July 3, 2017

Transfers & Baptismal Dates

JAJAJAJA This week was solid dude like freaking solid!
We now have some SOLID fechas, like July will be WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!! JAJA I do not know if I have impacted many lives, but the mission has impacted mine!!!!!!!!! This past year I cannot really say that it was worth it but I did learn a lot of stuff from it!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a heck of a freaking week!

Elder Moreno and I worked dang hard with the investigators that we have. We now have two fechas!!! One is 22 and 29 of this month!  

WE HAD CHANGES! I am with Elder Villegas!  Yes he is from Mexico City!!!! All my comps have been native….SICK!  He arrived in the mission with Elder Guerrero so we know each other!!  He is so cool!!  We are going to dominate Jacarandas!!! 

Unfortunately I lost all of my P day waiting for my comp to come from the other side of the mission so nothing fun happened today...... Just worked with Elder Moreno while I could!!!! He did cry when he left and told me he loved me so that was pretty cool!!!!!!

Well that is pretty much all we did!!!!!!

Prayer list


Another cool thing happened!!!!!!

At church a man came up to me who I have never seen before.  He asked me what my name was. “Well, I am Elder Smiley.”  He then got these big ole eyes and asked me if I had a person in my family in Spain Barcelona.......... I said well yes my brother. He said wow you look nothing like Dave!! I started to laugh and said whoa you know my bro????? He said yes I worked in the offices in the Barcelona Spain mission and you brother was in the offices a lot!!

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