Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Things are White in San Luis Potosi

This week killed me........ In a good way

Elder Villegas and I focused on Margarita for the week.  It was so hard!!!!!! We had to have a new excuse every time to visit her.  One time was planning the  baptism another time for the interview, etc, etc, just so we could keep in touch with her.  Luckily everything went well and she got WET!!!!!!! 

We had a Family Home Evening on Tuesday!!!! It was so cool!!!!! We played games and got to know some new people so that was really great!!! I missed most of it because of the interview for Margarita!!!!!!! 

We had interviews with President Hernandez!!!!! He pulled me aside and wanted me to call mom and I said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya I am good. Sorry mom!

Today for P day we played soccer and ninja!!!!!! I am the best at both!!!!!!!!!

The time has come!!!!!! Saturday!!!We started the baptism at 8 at night!!!! There was only one family!!!! But 5 minutes after, the whole ward showed up!!!!!! It was so cool to see everyone walk in!!!!! There were people standing up at the back it was soooooo cool...... But I was soooooooo nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to baptize her twice!!!!!!! I felt so weird, but she was baptized!!!!!! 

Cody, Elder Villegas, and Magarita!! White is becoming our favorite color!! 

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