Monday, August 7, 2017

Here we go with another week

Dad is the first counselor in a bishopric!

This week was a week of ups and downs.....

Tuesday we heard from Rolando1!!!!!!! He told us that he has stopped drinking!!!!!!!!! We are teaching Janette again!!!!!!!! 

We found a less active member who has a kid, and the kid is ready to be baptized. The only thing we need to do is teach him and BAM we can have a baptism!!!!!!!!

We will have changes next week and I am praying that I can stay here with Elder Villegas for a little more time!!!!!!!! Everyone thinks that I will be a District Leader or Zone Leader!!!!! I hope they are wrong!!  But Elder Villegas and I are looking at a white August and September!! 

One day after working really hard with Elder Villegas we arrived in the house and he jumped in his bed with all of his misison clothes still on......... I thougt it was a joke but he was dead asleep!!!!!!

LEGO movie  "Everything is awesome!"

This says "Happy Birthday"

Cody with a friend in Mexico

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