Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 1, 2013

I want all the letters I can. Tell people that i have no Email time so just email to the Madrid MTC. I love the Blog idea! Guys holy crap! Spain is so cool. Our first day we got here it was 9 in the morning and I didn´t get any sleep on the plane. It was the longest day. There is only one president for all of us. There is literally 20 people over capacity in this MTC. They trust me and my district to go stay in a hotel near by which kind of sucks i´ll be kinda honest but it is nice. After 3 days here they threw us into a park and we had to go and try and speak spanish in our broken terrible spanish. ha It was dope that me and my psycho companion placed a Book of Mormon and got a referral out of it! I don´t know if I´ve ever been happier. I have an Elder Ward in my district and the elder who was here before us was named Elder Ward and he got in the train wreck. We got to meet him and he has been all over the news and is like a celebrity here. He is an example to me to get right up after satan kicks us down. Straight thugging! I don´t miss my family, not even a little. I miss you guys but then I don´t because if i would be home i wouldn´t even be able to hang out with you guys. I know you guys in the field are killing it like crazy and Matt, I will be enduring the MTC experience with you bro. This is a totally different experience than provo i guarantee it. We get to talk to real Spaniards. Today we are going to the center of Madrid. If there is anything i can get you guys while I´m here i will. (tie,memorabilia, etc.) We go off campus everyday at 4 to play footsol (sue me) at a local park and the European elders and Teachers are so freaking amazing! Spanish was so hard at first especially with the Zeta(lisp). I was super depressed the first few days. Nothing went my way but now I am just enriched  with the Holy Ghost and the spirit is all I need. I don´t miss you guys at all. sorry but President´s blessing is coming true to the fullest. I miss you guys and reminder to tell people to write. Tell Jake Meservey good luck on his talk. I love all of you and i wish i could show you my new family. My district is my new family and i love them like brothers. I will keep you guys updated as well as i can. My journal entries are so delicious.
Mark I love the pics keep sending them!
Sorry i literally only have 30 minutes to read and type. My hands be cramping.
Good luck Dad with races and your terrible humor.

Good luck.

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