Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22,2013

The museum was pretty cool. It was very large and we barely covered any of it. It was cool to see the Catholic view of Christ and the plan. Every painting of Christ showed him in this miserable state that just made me want to cry. It is extremely sad about how they only view Christianity as all the miserable things in his life. All the paintings were of naked people which i guess kept all of us on our toes. hahaha. I got to see the famous painting of a ninja turtle!!! Rafael must have had quite the steady hand.
I got to listen to a special devotional by Richard G. Scott. He talked about prayer and how important it really is and how different it is in our religion. It really is. He also talked about the ways prayers are answered. It was pretty cool to talk about how my family wants to be answers to people´s prayers.
Elder Ward just pulled a Tate by switching the first letters in two separate words. It made me cry for twenty minutes.
The park was not as good as it usually was. We almost ran from contact to contact. It was so much fun until these other missionaries wanted to talk and they also wanted to listen which was cool but i wished we could have talked a little mas personas.  It is the Lord’s work though. Elder Daxton Allsop was my companion and he truly is a gangsta! This guy wouldn´t listen to us because we didn´t give the priesthood to women.
Sister Siterud, the mission president’s wife, broke her arm on Sunday night and it was a no bueno situation! Every missionary was there to help her, which was pretty cool to see.
What does Kim Johnson do? What can I say to him about her that will spark his memory?
BTW, my companion is is Elder Polansky.  
My P-day is on Thursdays but i don’t know about in 2 weeks. Whhhhaaaattttt?!?!?!?!?  Barcelona here I come! It’s coming fast!
I don´t know too much about us getting high tech stuff in our mission.  I know Japanese elders are getting cell phones and I pads. I guess we´ll see.
My Spanish is improving mega time! I can converse with almost anyone. Game on!
The MTC limit is about 75 and we have 101 missionaries. That is a little overboard. The hotel where we are staying is 10 minutes away and it is kind of fun to go cruising out of the MTC and to our hotel every night.
The MTC is great and I am so excited to see what the Barcelona Mission is actually like. Here we go!

Love you all! Thank you for your letters. Keep sending them!

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