Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Wow I love this place but the field needs me! I have been working my spanish very hard. Talking almost all the time because it helps so much! Last Thursday we all wanted to go to the European mall. Funny. It is just like American malls. ha It kind of stunk except i got some pretty schnazzy ties. I did also see Tate´s look a like, and Elder Ward started doing the thing Tate does with switching the first letter of both words. It makes me miss Tate quite much actually. I miss Mom´s cooking because the food still stinks but it´s just training.
I want you to meet my district when and/if I get home because Elder Streiff (from Billings) would have been a family friend because he is just like us. You just have to meet them. I Hope I am companions with Elder Streiff and Elder Ward while I am out there because those two do work!
The park was delicious this Saturday! I got to talk to a devout Catholic and he said that he wants to read this book because of how we bore our testimonies. It was super awesome. I was threatened 3 times because of my religion and just talking to people. it was pretty scary! hahaha This man was really interested and wanted to know more but he wouldn´t take the LDM because his conscience wouldn´t take it for free. So we gave him the address to the Distribution center. NOW the metro. I got on the metro started talking to someone and got so in depth in our conversation we missed our stop, got back on going back for home and missed it again because we were talking to some one else and almost missed it again. We got 3 contacts, 3 Libros De Mormon, and 3 referrals! That was the most spiritual experience. It was kind of funny with the lack of time we had to cut conversations strangely like “Yes it is Hot outside. Have you heard of the Book Of Mormon?”   “Wow cool dog do you want to know about a boy who wanted to know more?”    So funny!
We were talking about the tribes we are all from and Elder Oliver´s Seminary teacher is from Dan and Elder Polansky goes "DAN SUCKS!!! All they do is judge!" We all died!!!!
If you get the video of Tengo Gozo can you send it or get it to Brother Dickerson please? That is his favorite song!
Tell Freddy what up. I would like to hear some words of advice if he could. Tell Caitlyn congratulations, We´ll be close.
Sorry Cody we don´t get room service. hahahaha
We have to drive 10 minutes to the hotel and it is definitely a trial when I am trying as hard as possible to be asleep by 1030. It´s tough but we have grown.
On my way to soccer I wore my Messi jersey and this man, obviously a Madrid fan, said that Messi and Barcelona is caca and then he put his water bottle in front and acted like he was peeing at me. It was quite the experience.
There is a song some one showed me here called 2 years by Carly Barlow, you might like it.
I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. I owe you all so much!!! thanks again. Next time I email I will be in Barcelona. Now it is my time to serve.

I said I would, and I did.

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