Monday, October 14, 2013

Gettin' wet in Bilbao October 14, 2013

Hola everyone. ¿Kaixo, zer mo dus? Everything is going well. I don´t have much time today because we have visitas cutting this day we call preparation. 
This week I went to Barcelona to get my residency card and it was bad. I got car (train?) sick the whole way. It was a 7 hour train each way. We did a lot of contacting and I did love that.
Ana Maria got BAPTIZED!!!!!! Jessica is going down this week and all we need is a firma from her parents! She´s got to get in the water! I just sent all you a letter with the little time I had today. Sorry I just don´t have enough time. I am sincerely sorry.
We have just seen all of these miracles and I can´t even explain. Bilbao is the most ready place for baptisms in Spain. It does help when I have Elder Wilkinson, Elder Ward, and Elder Archibald. Elder Archibald is just like I´m guessing Dad was. He is just a total champion, always wanting to baptize everyone and thinking of different ways to do it. We have thought of some new ideas to contact Spaniards, we just tell them we will grab a coffee or a drink sometime in a bar and they love it!
I am looking forward to this next transfer with Elder Wilkinson still (rumor was he was going to be transferred). It is super great and the weather hasn´t started getting too bad yet but it´s coming. Don´t worry mom I am ok. :) It is just amazing. I will send photos next week. I will hopefully (probably not) have more time. 

Elder Smiley

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