Monday, October 7, 2013

Fillin' the font, getting ready for "white" in Bilbao!! October 7, 2013

Last week the letter would not send so I almost freaked out. I hope you ended up getting it. We went to a less active house that we had set up a few days prior and they invited their whole family to come. Most of them were members but one of them was not. We were a little pouncing on him at the scene. He needs to be baptized! I think we will reactivate the 12 members of this family! Woop Woop!! Game on! Another funny thing about this family is that they keep their Libros de Mormon on a shelf right next to their alcohol cupboard. It makes me want to laugh every time we ask them to grab their scriptures. 
We have a new mission as Bilbao missionaries. There are approximately 130 members. We need to reactivate and baptize 60 people to split the ward. We are going to do it. Our goal is to baptize 20 people each month as a ward. Our ward is getting psyched about it. It is just getting everyone fired up about missionary work. Let´s go. All of your friends need to be baptized! I think we can do it! I know we can do it!
We just had one of our investigators pray after a Cita and said "Thank you for the opportunity for me to be baptized in your church" She is 16 and just loves it. She is so pumped to be baptized. Her questions have turned from, “Is the book of Mormon true?” to “Who is going to baptize me?” and “Who can come?” This is what we are here to do! The whole story with Jessica is we contacted her in a big park when she was smoking. I was a little skeptical but I went forward with faith. She didn´t think she needed to be baptized again, but she would listen to us.  This past week we found out from her that she felt something different about us and knew that she needed to quit smoking. She quit smoking without us telling her that she wouldn´t be able to do that. She is the best person in the entire world!
For a person to be baptized they need to come to church twice. We got a reference from a member and she agreed to come to conference and she went to 2 sessions and is getting baptized this Saturday. Woooooooooo! Pray for Jessica and Anna Maria this week with all your corazones please that everything goes well. Please! Please! Please! They need all of our help!
We were not able to see all of General Conference but we got to see the first 4. CAN YOU SEND ME THE ENSIGN WITH ALL THE TALKS IN ASAP?!? Apparently it doesn´t get to Spain for 3 or 4 months. wow. I loved the double “member missionary” talks. I think we are all getting fired up about missionary work. I think that everyone is starting to realize that everyone needs to be baptized. That they need to bring their friends to activities, church, and to the missionaries. President Pace told the members that this is your work and his missionaries are here to help them. 
Also the black guy that talked brought the fire! Holy! He needs to come to Bilbao and come on splits with me! 
Elder Bednar "Consider your ways, and repent." BOOOOOOM!!! Let´s go! Repent and baptized!
Funny thing happened the other day, I went up to a man and I asked how he was doing, He rudely responded, "What do you want?" I responded calmly and almost cheerful "I want you to be baptized into our church!" He was so barfunkled he just turned and walked away. I do love this work!
I always try to think of what Christ would say if he was in my spot. I know if someone cursed God or denied him he would not tell him "Oh well have a good day". I have realized it and we need to stand up for Christ and sometimes put them in their place. It just bugs me, but I definitely do not let them get me down. Like Dad said "Water off a ducks back." I use that so much. I have done my part and now it is their agency. I love the things that Dad taught me. So many talks in General Conference about picking yourself up by your boot straps and go! Suck it up you big baby, someone rejected you, now go baptize the next person in sight! Let´s go!

I love you all and love and feel the prayers you are sending my way! Thank you for the letters and packages. All of you send me those wonderful pictures of the place I used to call home.

Love you

Elder  Sonrisas

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