Monday, October 28, 2013


This week started out a little too good. Every visita/cita went perfect. Members came and dropped bomb testimonies. Almost no one fired. We ate with a future, (definition of future: we talked to them once before) and she invited us to eat. MIRACLE! Everyone was going fantastic. On Thursday our African family tried to drop us. We almost lost contact with our prime investigators.   Almost all our fechas dropped like flies. It was tough once Thursday hit. Sheesh. Now back on the high note. We went and played games with the African family for a visit and they hopped right back on the train. They all came to church. That was 5 people in church! Dad I´ll be honest we haven´t waited too much for investigators by the door these past weeks, we just go and pick them up!! It is not as funny as pacing at the front of the church waiting, but it is more productive.   

Mom I feel so sorry about that package. They said that could be a possibility but I think as long as you send it to the mission office it should be pretty good. Thank you so much for the shoes! They are AMAZING!! I just cycle daily through suit and shoes. It´s fantastic. It is every day wearing suits and it is everyday sweat more than the amount of beans we consumed every taco Sunday. It is a little frustrating but obedience is much more important. 

Mom, I cannot thank you enough for teaching me how to eat every thing that is given to me. Some of the things I have eaten I could not have choked down with out thinking what would mom do to me if I didn´t eat it.  
We are getting caught in a weekly food calendar. Can you send me recipes or something that we could cook in under 25 minutes? That would be AMAZING!

I just love being a missionary. There really just isn´t much more fun than laughing at the things you wouldn´t think were even remotely funny back at home. It is super weird. I love this life and the good we are doing. Thank you for your prayers and support. Keep working like champs back there and make Mark and Cody some nasty food to eat, Mom stop being such a good cook! Love all of you!

Elder Smiley
Prayer list
1. Adolfo y Liliana
2. Amelia, Valdemar, Jon, Samira
3. Euseva, yesika, y su hijo(car crash)
4. Jessica (her great grandma died)
5. Bilbao members (can be missionary members)

Thank you so much. Coming all the way from Bilbao España that´s all y agur!

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