Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This week was so long! It was so hard at the beginning. We dropped every investigator except 2. It was super hard. All we did this week was contact, knock doors, and talk with the members. We did not see any success until Sunday night. It was so difficult. phew.
I chose patience to be my Christlike attribute of the week and I think it was a good choice. We saw some miracles last night for sure!!
Set up with a kid and met with him yesterday afternoon. We couldn´t meet in his piso and it was raining so we had a lesson in a bar. It was hilarious! He accepted the fecha and is so pumped. 
The next miracle the big one but a little difficult to explain but here we go. We are on one side of Bilbao when I got a prompting we needed to go to the house of a future. It was a little crazy but I felt it. So on our way to the metro I felt we needed to knock the doors of this random building. I didn´t know why but we did it anyway. Every door that opened just shut immediately, it was a little strange for that prompting but we just kept going. When we got to the metro we met the brother of the kid who we were going to see. If we wouldn´t have knocked that building we wouldn´t have met the kid on the metro.    We went back to his house and set fechas with a family of 5. It was a miracle. A miracle I say!!
We are trying to work with the members but sometimes it is just tough.
I will keep trying because it is so much more effective but we will see. 
This next week is going to be a lot better than last! Let´s go!!!!
Thanks for your prayers, letters, and support. Baptize boogie dad! I say it 50 times a day as well as "and then we baptized" Woohoo! Let´s go!!

Elder Smiley

Random bit. Have fun with everything you do. Make everything fun. When we have to knock doors we have so much fun. If there is a sensor for the light you have to do wicked moves not to trigger them. Last week we themed a building with how we would knock the doors, like army, lord of the rings, or ballerina. You just got to find fun in the little things.

Elder Archibald and I. Proof you can have fun with anything. We found a pavilion. Set up the cans and bowled oranges while everyone else screamed, booed, and cheered. It was the best!

Just a little dancing in the rain, Elder Ward is sooooo jealous!

With Dave there is no singing in the rain, but there is dancing in rain, his whole district is there to prove it!!

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