Monday, November 4, 2013


Mark and Cody I got your letter with all those pictures! Those are stellar! Let´s go to New York. It surprises me how similar New York is to here. On the weekends I think people go to bed at 7 in the morning, plus all the big buildings everywhere. That is super interesting.
So I take New York was good and the new term is going good. Anything else new?  Mom thanks so much for those recipes. Those are going to change the theory of cooking in the Bilbao Elders Piso. Let´s go! How did Spanish Fork do? How is BYU doing? How is everything going? (Cody where you at?) Is everything going well there?  

This week was the definition of ups and downs. Holy crap!!!! Adolfo y Liliana told us they know it´s all true but they don´t want to accept a date to be baptized. What? They think they have to be perfect to be baptized. They just don´t understand it completely yet.

Another thing our African family just lost complete interest. They don´t want to hear about the church anymore. They were just really lazy and the church wasn´t evangélico enough for them. Bad news first right?
Good news. We met a lady and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read the introduction. When we met with her again and taught her the restauración and when I talked about the Book of Mormon and a way to learn it´s true she kind of interrupted me and said I already read and prayed. It´s true.      What?!?      Let´s go!!!!!   I got fired up!! She also asked if she could bring like 3 of her friends to church. Holy Smokes!!!
This week was kind of tough, nice to have that miracle, so this week we are going to work lots with the members and touching tons of doors with all this rain. Love all of you!!!!!

Prayer list
1. Adolfo y Liliana (know they need to be baptized. It´s the next step)
2. Eusevia y Yesika (Can come to church and bring friends)
3. We can use the members more and they can be pumped about missionary work.
4. We can find people ready to recieve.

I love you and thank you for all you do! We are all missionaries in this great work so let´s all go baptize!!! WE GOT TO BAPTIZE EVERYONE!!!

Elder Smiley

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