Wednesday, November 27, 2013


You´re not going to believe this!!!! I´m in Menorca!!! This Island is going to be on fire! There used to only be 2 Elders here but now they are bringing in two more. Elder Alder is the only one that has been here before and he is my companion. They are bringing 2 more over tonight. One is a trainee, and none of us carry more than 6 months in the mission. They call us the Young Bloods. Woooohooooo!!!!
This island really needs some animo!! It´s a tourist town in the summer and during the winter the whole island is just kind of sad. On the positive side it´s like a small comunity of humble people that have way to much time! You can bet we are going to take advantage of that! With the split I think we are going to have no investigators in our area. It is going to be quite interesting. Lot´s of finding and we are going to have to figure some new formas para contactar. My spanish is getting so much better but it is just going to get better and better with a companion that I can´t just dump things on at any time in the lesson or during the day.
I saw so many miracles this last week in Bilbao,  it was incredible. We had a Salt Lake City reference come to church and we got the friends of Jessica on fecha. It is tough leaving an area. I just remember when I got there all we had was Andres!  Now leaving I had to leave 14 people ready to be baptized. It was super difficult but I guess that is just how it is in the mission. This really is the best time of your life. I don´t have more time because we have to go finding and I can´t waste time emailing. Know I love you and that I will email you on Monday. Much love and suerte!!! Bautismo!
Can you just pray that Elder Alder and I can find all the thousands of people here prepared to be baptized and recieve the gospel? Continue being a missionary wherever you may be. Love you all!

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