Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Right now we are good as far as staying dry, I think I am going to buy a jacket here though. The reason my e-mail is all weird this week is because we are here in Mallorca for interviews with president and I didn´t want to waste another day out of our area. We are going to do a little shopping here. I might go a little crazy but I need some stuff. I get so cold sometimes, but it will all be fixed.

This week we saw some crazy miracles. First things first, kind of funny, I am a little bit like Dad was. I got nailed by the senior missionaries because I have skipped lunch a few times and I don´t focus too much on eating. They said that I have lost weight. I don´t know about that, but it is kind of funny. They told me I can´t skip lunch to teach anymore and now Elder Alder is hounding me about that.
This week the straw broke the camels back. We were in a hurry to an appointment and it started pouring and Elder Alder wanted to go back to piso and get our umbrella and jackets. I told him we didn´t have time, nor was it necessary. We talked it out and I think the issue is fixed for at least now. It was bad.
Now for the good part. We found a girl on the street and she told us her name was Laura and that she wanted to read our book. We set up a couple of visits with her and it was incredible. She loved all of the stuff that we taught. She has a fecha and all. When we went to our third visit with her she told us to sit down and listen. I was flipping out inside, I was so scared she was going to drop us. She told us her name was actually Mica. She just didn´t trust us when we first met her. We had a super good laugh about it. She has had a super rough life and I feel for her. I hope she really finds the peace that this gospel brings. I pray for it.

Manuel!!!!!!!! He´s back. I was super strong with him last week. He came back to church. He read more than we assigned him. He accepted a fecha. He is going to talk to his family today and tomorrow, which was the big roadblock the last time.  It is all coming along super well.

Elder Alder and I are on better turns and we are going to keep it that way. We have figured out a system. It is getting better. We just got to go baptize.

These last weeks have been cold and wet and I love it. It makes me feel like I am working hard when I am wringing out my clothes at the end of the day. I love it. I love this work. I love all of it. I have learned patience and now applying it. I can feel the difference. It is something incredible.

Thanks for all of your prayers and help. Thanks for everything.
One thing. I lost my oil vial. Can you send me one ASAP. Thanks so much!
I love all of you. We just got to go baptize!!!

Prayer list:
Mica: baptized the first or 8 so she can go to the temple at the end of febrero.
Manuel:  baptized on the 8th.
Jose. Keep reading and listening to us.
Find the people on Menorca prepared for us.

I love all of you. Thanks!!!!!

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