Monday, January 27, 2014


This week has been incredible. Manuel is going down!!!! We got the permission of his wife and it sounds like she is coming around too. He came to church the last two weeks. He just needs to know that José Smith era un profeta. He is so good! 
Mica. We had to push her fecha back but she is going to receive her answer of the Book of Mormon this week and then be baptized like it´s no ones business! I am so excited!!! She is in 2 Nephi right now. I will try and get a picture with her to send it to y´all!!! 
We found this champion rich Spaniard who is so pumped and wants to listen to our message. He has been looking up info on the Mormons on the internet before and he is loving all that we teach! He is incredible! 
We found another Spaniard that asked us when she could be baptized. Yeah, this is hard!   She just has to work on Sundays so we will work on that until baptism comes!!! Wooooooo!!!
We found another Spaniard who loves reading the book of Mormon. He hates religion but he likes it when we come over and explain about the book of Mormon. He is so funny and super posh!!! haa
We are finally teaching!!! We don´t just have to go out and find now! I love teaching!!!!   It is incredible!!!
We had 4 investigators at church this past Sunday!! It is a miracle!!! If we can get all of our fechas and this African less active family there we could have 15 people at church!!! I am so fired up I could catch fire!!!
It has been something truly incredible!
We have now seen our finding miracles.
I hope this next week they are teaching miracles.
And then weeks to come baptism miracles!!!

Prayer list:
Mica. Recieve her answer. Get baptized 8 of February
Manuel. Comes to know that José Smith is a prophet. Get baptized 8 of february.
Jose Luis. Reads and comes to church. Get baptized 15 of February.
Paco. Prays to know the B.O.M. is true.
Laticía. Gives up smoking. Reads the B.O.M. 
WE can keep finding people ready to be baptized!!!

I love all of you and thank you for your prayers and your examples! I love y´all and hope you can help someone get baptized. Keep on!

Elder Smiley

Go baptize someone today.

We assume this is the view from his new  "piso"

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