Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Great photo for our mission!  Our mission symbol is the Lighthouse, guiding the people to God
This week Mica went to Argentina. It was a little tough because yesterday she told us that it is all true. We showed her where her building is in Argentina and she is fired up. I am excited for her! She will be an answer to some missionary’s prayer in Argentina.  She will show up at the church and say ”I want to be baptized!” and she will be ready.  Manuel went to the hospital this Saturday. Serious?!? It was super hard. He should go down this Saturday or the one that comes. He just needs that push. AHHHH!!! VENGA!!!! 
News. I am going to train.. I am going to pick him up tomorrow from Barcelona. I´m a little nervous but bring it on! He better be ready to work because we have got some work to be done.  Not called greenbeans here, we call them Nuevos
The work has been exploding. You would not believe what has happened this last week!
#1 We had 36 people in the church on Sunday. 36!!! Wooohooo!!! I think there was 12 when I got here. Tripled!!!! 7 investigators were at church, 3 of them being amigos of a member family. They told us this week they want to be baptized. Game on!!!
#2  Carlos. Spanish, loves to read, wants to learn more, and be baptized. Understands when we teach, and made perfect friends with a less active that now wants to get right back into the church!  
#3  We found a Columbian by helping him change batteries while he was just swearing up a storm. We got a return visit and he wants to be baptized.
#4  We found 3 more Africans whose sister was baptized 2 years ago and they want that relation with God. It has been incredible!!!
This Nuevo is coming into the fire! Elder Alder left it well! I am excited for him. He is going to Barcelona. The exact opposite of Maó. Everyone is getting right back on their horses and here comes the Menorca Branch like a stallion! I am so excited!!!  
I love you and thank you all so much for your prayers and everything that you have sent my way. I feel your spirits.

Prayer list:
Carlos. Recieves his answer. Baptized 1 de Marzo.
Manuel. Recieves his answer mas fuerte. Baptized 22 de Febrero or 1.
Steven. Comes to church, reads, prays. Baptized 8 de Marzo
Marcos. Finds time to see us. Baptized 8 de Marzo.
Feli, Kevin, Ernesto. Find time and take the discussions seriously. 
Jose, Manuel. Put a fecha. Teach their families and baptize them.

I love all of you!!! Let´s go!!! Here we go Menorca!!! 

Élder Smiley

Go baptize someone today.

Last time with this foursome!!

My favorite Lighthouse

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