Monday, February 24, 2014

Training, a whole new set of worries!

Due to the massive demand of questions I will start with the answers. Sheesh! Take it Easy!!
His name is Elder Ponce. He is from Equador, but lived in Madrid and came here from Belgica. He is very smart and a very good teacher. He does know it though!  It is a little tough to give him advice. We´ll get right through that though. Slowly he is getting more and more humble. He does want to baptize though, so that is great! He fits right in with the piso. It is even more crazy than it was before!!! I get along with everyone in the piso. When Sunday comes no one has food but me and they end up taking all mine. That bugs me a bit,  but it´s just something I deal with with these turkeys. 
Manuel. He is just being a pain in the butt. He knows it´s all true but he just wants more family support before he will be baptized. He thinks he is going to be baptized and then the family is going to kick him to the curb. It is a little difficult right now with him. We have got some others that I will keep you updated on but some definite possibilities!!!
(Dad if possible could you send me pics of you on your mission. They would love that)
I really do feel bad this week. Almost all of our planned visits have fired us. All that Elder Ponce has seen is how loose all these ding bat humans are. It drives me nuts! We have tremendous faith, and it can´t diminished! I am really nervous about everything because really all the decisions and the blame is pointed right at me. My decisions determine what happens here. It´s a little nerve wracking but we roll with it. We are expecting some serious miracles this week! I am very excited!

Thank you so much!!! I love all of you and thank you for your prayers!
Prayer list:
1.Steven. Baptized 8 de Marzo
2.Carlos. Recontact. Baptism 8 de Marzo
3. Marcos. Recontact. Baptism 8 de Marzo
4. Find Find Find God can prepare people for us to find them.
5. Members stay animated! (34 people in church!) They bring there friends.

√Člder Smiley

Go baptize someone today

A muslim on the street gave me a prayer Yolabi. I am fired up!!

My Nuevo

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