Monday, February 3, 2014

Things are looking bright {or white} in Menorca!!!

I love all the pictures of Mark and his birthday. Those are great! Sounds like the Superbowl sucked. That sucks. Sounds like not much happened this week back in the States. Here, Different Story!!!

Good ´ole padre quiere una informe de los investigadores. {Good old father, I want to report on my investigators} 
This week we will start with the investigators.

Mica: Argentinan. In 2 weeks has read almost to Alma. Only needs to link The Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith to the authority. She leaves for Argentina 2 weeks from today.  Fecha 8.
Manuel. He only needs the family acceptance and he is wet. We are working on his family and they are loving it. Just that little push! Fecha: 15.
Jose Luis. Pray that the book of Mormon is true. Quit smoking. Fecha: 15
Leticia. Pray that the book of Mormon is true. Quit smoking.
Denilson. Talk to him. (Miracle reported later on) Fecha: 22
African family. Keep coming to church. Be calm when we teach them. Listen and read and pray. Could be something incredible here!
A couple others that we just have to get them up on the teaching horse.

The transfer is Feb 17. I really want Elder Alder to see a baptism while he is here. I think that it really could be Manuel, Mica and/or Jose Luis. I really don´t want him to go 6 months of his mission without a baptism. That would be really hard. He is starting to get this baptism moxie with me and we are seeing so many miracles! He is really focusing on baptism with me and we are helping everyone progress towards baptism!

In the Barcelona mission we have goals called Pautas {patterns} that we try to reach each week. They are: 1 baptism, 3 fechas, 6 investigators in church, 12 lessons with a member present, 6 new investigators.  This is the first week in more than 6 months that missionaries from Menorca have got at least 4 pautas. This week we had 3 fechas, 22 lessons taught, 10 investigators in church, and 6 new investigators (The most anyone has ever had in Menorca!!!!
The office elders were freaking out! The Zone Leaders were freaking out! It was a huge comotion! I am all fired up!!! Woooohoooo!!!

Miracle story de Denilson:
The miracle this week happened last night. We had 2 fechas. We knew we could set one more fecha before the night was over. It was 9:30 at night. We had just got out of a visit and we knew we could find that person that God would put in our path. (Here in Menorca there is no one on the street after 9:00) We were on a track to pass by an investigator when we contacted this chico and asked him if he would like to listen to a message about god. He said yes and in 10 minutes he said he would like to be baptized in our church. I love it! It was one of the biggest miracles I have seen on my mission.

The whole Branch is getting back on its horse and we are pushing this work together! We are getting the help of the members and it is incredible! It all starts with the members. I love them. Thanks Scott for that story!

When we push through the crappy times I know that the Lord will bless us with the good times that lie ahead. I am so grateful that he did all that for us! I am so grateful for your prayers! I am so grateful for your help from so far away. I can feel the angels that you all are sending me helping me out so much.  We have just got to go baptize!!! I love all of you and thank you so much!!! Let´s go baptize the World!!!

Elder Smiley

Go baptize someone today

Smiles walking the streets of Mahon

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