Monday, March 10, 2014

Greenbean Baptizing in Menorca!!!

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stiven went down!!! It was great! Elder Ponce and his friend from the MTC were the first of his group to baptize and the whole mission is fired up for him! He is just loving all of it! It has just been a crazy week!
The whole branch is fired up!  Lots of people came to the baptism and the members brought 2 friends in specific, and they said ¨Here is my friend, he wants to be baptized like that.¨ We have seen countless miracles. It is too hard to count them all! It has still been hard, but I have just been thinking all about all the miracles and the help from the members! It is something incredible! We have helped out the branch so much that President Pace wants to come out here to see how we are doing it. Woooohoooo!!!!

The assistants to the president called us and told us that Menorca is a lighthouse to the rest of the mission. With the smallest branch in the mission and baptizing and seeing a whole bunch of miracles. It is nice to finally see the fruits of my labors here. Elder Ponce is teaching me so much it really makes me humble and love him that much more. Here comes Menorca!!!! 

Teaching in Menorca after Carnival

Stiven get baptized!!

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