Monday, March 3, 2014

Just another week in the life of a Smiley missionary!!!

This week I think we could have set the record for the most fires in a week. It was the worst!!! I am not joking! I think we planned for 50-60 visits this week and we ended up with 17. It was super dumb! It was a test of my faith and a test of my patience. I am really becoming more and more patient every day. Y´all would not believe how amazing my Nuevo is. He is truly amazing!!!! I love him to death! He has a huge desire to be obedient, to work hard, and he knows why he is here.... To BAPTIZE!!!!  He is the best! He is coming along 50 times faster than I came along. I love training him. He teaches me so much Spanish but he won´t agree with my compromise to only speak Spanish, because he wants to learn English. I guess we´ll just have to live with that. My Spanish is really improving. I do have a long way to go but we´ll get there. I am always working on taking more pictures so y´all can see how it is out here. A lot of people have either dropped us or we have dropped them. Looks like this week is going to be another finding week.

(side note), Lots of lessons as you may know can go south really fast.  So we came up with a signal to know that we have to get out because it isn´t going well. It´s the sign from The Sting. It reminds me of y´all when I do it too. I love it. We have even starting doing it with the other missionaries on the Street. It is so funny.

A lot of things have really happened this week. We found a man last week. We had our third visit with him this Thursday and he told us he read the whole book and loved it, but because Nephi kills Laban, it can´t be true. It´s a Little sad. Last night we found a woman who was really distraught. Really looking for something more in her life, but more than for her, for her sons who don´t believe in God. It is really hard on her to see where the world is taking her kids.

(side note) She told her kids to come to the lesson and they came but didn´t really listen, and said ¨yeah whatever.¨ Elder Ponce and I talked about that a little and thought. “Wow If I said that my mom and dad would beat me like a rug.”  Thanks for teaching me good principios!

STEVEN!!!! Our fecha for this Saturday. Boom. He has been progressing slowly and slowly but this last week he skyrocketed! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he said that he had always drank alcohol and was unsure about that. After a bit of talking he took out the money he was going to buy a beer with that afternoon, and said he would buy a treat for his kid. We announced his baptism in church and every testimony was aimed right at him and he loved every minute of it. All the members attacked him. All the investigators asked him how he knew to do it. It was miracle miracle miraculous!

We have been working a lot with the members and we should have a couple new investigators that can be baptized in 3 weeks if they jump on it.
The curse of Menorca. The reason this island has never grown much is because of the tourists. Dang them!!! The tourists come and everyone works Sundays including the members. Then in the winter everyone goes on vacation and doesn´t give time to god. It´s starting up again and all the missionaries and the leaders are on “code red” right now!!! I am super nervous!!! Ahhhhhh
Pray for us!!!

Pray list:
Steven. Baptized this Saturday.
Katelina: Gives us time and accepts una fecha bautismal for the 22.
Find find find! using the members too!

I love you all and thank you!!!

Elder Smiley

Go baptize someone today.

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